Favorites Thumball

What we like says a lot about us!

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What are your Favorites? And Why?

What we like says a lot about us. The Favorites Thumball provides 32 discussion prompts, specially selected to help your groups explore one another`s favorite people, places, things, experiences, preferences, and more. Talking about favorites is a delightful way to get conversations going and build relationships.


Favorites Thumball Prompts

  1. Favorite far-away place
  2. Favorite place to live
  3. Favorite comfort food
  4. Favorite way to volunteer
  5. Favorite stuff to read
  6. Favorite job
  7. Favorite sport to watch
  8. Favorite time of day
  9. Favorite movie or TV show
  10. Favorite type of cuisine
  11. Favorite website to visit
  12. Toss again
  13. Favorite famous person you'd like to dine with
  14. Favorite piece of clothing you own / owned
  15. Favorite beverage to guzzle
  16. Favorite art form (music, dance, art, theater, film)
  17. Favorite small thing that makes your day better
  18. Favorite way to pamper yourself
  19. Favorite thing to spend money on
  20. Favorite thing about getting older
  21. Favorite compliment to receive
  22. Favorite bit of advice you've ever received
  23. Favorite fad or trend you hope comes back
  24. Favorite day of the week
  25. Favorite way to spend a Sunday morning
  26. Favorite way to feel healthy
  27. Favorite childhood memory
  28. Favorite mode of transportation
  29. Favorite subject in school
  30. Favorite way to waste time
  31. Favorite way to use a long weekend
  32. Favorite “old fashioned” way of doing things

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This Favorites Thumball is part of Trainers Warehouse's exclusive Silver Series Thumballs.

[NOTE: Silver Series Conversation Prompts are available as Thumballs, UNZiP-IT! Pocket & Deck, and Virtual/Remote PPT.]


Favorites Thumball

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