UNZIP-it! with Favorites Conversation Card Deck

UNZIP-it!™ and start talking about how to Get Happy at Work!

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It's time to open up the conversation and talk about the unspeakable! Pop a bunch of pertinent questions into UNZIP-its™ zipper mouth and pass the pouch from player to player. Unzip the playful pocket and pull out a discussion topic to spark conversation and build relationships. Invite recipients to pull out a topic, read it to the group and respond.
Stock the pocket with a deck of 30 pre-printed cards. Customize the blank cards with your own discussion prompts.

The inscription on the back will get you started:

Feeling shy about speaking out?
Or, not sure what to talk about?
It's easy now to start the flow,
And have discussions bloom and grow.

Unzip the pouch and pick a topic,
Big and broad, or microscopic,
A prompt that doesn't dig too deep,
Or one that makes you take a leap.

Go ahead, reach in and pick it,
Read the prompt and then UNZIP-it!


Although this refers to "favorites," we always recommend asking for "one of your favorites." Somehow, that seems to make it all a bit easier to answer the question. On this deck, which is one of our favorites, you'll find a range of topics including:

  • Locations and destinations
  • Ways to spend time
  • Cuisines
  • Art forms
  • Preferences

Because every prompt is about YOU, a topic that most people can answer pretty easily, dialogue and sharing come quickly and easily.

[NOTE: Silver Series Conversation Prompts are available as Thumballs, UNZiP-IT! Pocket & Deck, and Virtual/Remote PPT.]

UNZIP-it! with Favorites Conversation Card Deck

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