At Trainers Warehouse, we search far and wide for unique office products and educational tools that make learning more innovative, effective, and fun. When you see the EXCLUSIVE banner, you'll know that Trainers Warehouse developed this product with thought and care to meet the needs of teachers and trainers from around the globe. For 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to creating educational products that promote participation, enhance retention, and are suitable for adult learners. We hope you love them as much as we do!


  • Deskmate Student Edition-Thumbnail

    Deskmate School Edition


    $14.95 $8.97
  • UNZiP-it! with Onward & Upward Card Deck, set

    UNZIP-it! with Onward & Upward Conversation Card Deck


  • Slim-Line Answer Boards; writing with dry-erase marker

    Slim-Line Answer Boards (30/set)


  • Take a Leap Cards and Leaping Frog Lapel Pins (10/set)

    Take a Leap Cards and Leaping Frog Lapel Pins (10/set)


    $18.95 $12.95
  • UNZIP It Pocket  - Front

    UNZIP It Pocket Only


  • UNZiP-it! with Meeting Zest Card set

    UNZIP-it! with Meeting Zest Deck


  • 'Round TUIT Tokens in hand

    Round TUIT Tokens - Navy and Gold (24/set Wooden)




At Trainers Warehouse, we think about every moment of the learning experience when we develop our catalog of training products. From the moment a learner walks into a training environment, we want them to feel welcome and experience feelings of anticipation, relaxation, and contentment. To this end, successful trainers may scatter fidget toys around the classroom, post welcome signage, or use a Thumball for get-to-know-you openers. As the learning day progresses, our trainers work hard to break up lectures with participation tools like answer boards and audience response buzzers. Finally, before the day ends, they’ll wrap up with closers that help learners extract and retain key learning points. For each of these learning-day objectives, Trainers Warehouse has developed a slew of products to make the experience more effective and engaging.


While Trainers Warehouse does sell some office products conceived and produced by other companies or consultants, most of our 300+ educational products were created by our own team. That said, we don’t do it alone! Each germ of an idea comes from a customer inquiry, online discussion, or unmet training need. Then, to move forward with a product, our product review team must be convinced that the tool is adaptable to a broad scope of training content, is well-made, of good value, and can be utilized off-the-shelf with minimal instruction.

We look for training-related office products that are fun to use and will make our teachers and trainers really shine in the classroom. For any tools that are content-specific (diversity Thumballs, leadership prompts, team dynamics conversation starters), we team up with subject matter experts to be sure we maintain our high-quality standards.