Emergency Delivery Game

Effective decision-making within tight deadlines

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Emergency Delivery Game is an online team exercise focused on producing top quality results due to effective decision-making within tight deadlines. This activity is about 'Delivery at Pace' 


The Emergency Delivery Game is completed in small teams of 3 or 4 people (with an optional observer role), each charged with helping the driver of a large vehicle transporter to deliver an extremely important piece of industrial equipment, on time! The delivery has to be made to a specific building in a large industrial complex. A handful of challenges will make this delivery somewhat difficult.

Each person in the team has information that relates to whether the vehicle can use one of the predetermined routes marked on the map provided.


In Stage 1 of the activity the teams must review detailed, and probably unfamiliar information, in order to determine which two predetermined route options are recommended. Simple sharing of information between all team members won't be sufficient- each person must critically evaluate their own information, and make appropriate decisions on the relevant inputs.

Each team then submits its suggested two options to the facilitator and receives some feedback.


In Stage 2 of the activity the teams use the feedback and further information provided to recommend the most ‘safe and efficient' route. Their choices include revisiting the original decision, or just choosing between the two previously short-listed options. What will produce the most effective decision?

Each stage must be delivered within tight time constraints of 15 minutes activity per stage.

** NOTE: This is a 12 month subscription for online access to the activity **


  • Effective Decision Making
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Prioritisation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Knowledge Management

DURATION:  30-60 Minutes


The activity enables participants to demonstrate a range of skills including:

  • Effective Decision Making – choosing an appropriate and agreed team strategy based on a number of options
  • Team-Working – the ability to work in small teams, allocating roles and sharing important information as appropriate
  • Data Management – assimilating and processing a large volume of data quickly and accurately
  • Delivering at Pace – Successfully managing, supporting and stretching self and team to deliver agreed goals and objectives within tight time constraints; planning ahead but reassessing workloads and priorities if situations change 

The exercise challenges teams to:

  • Establish clear outcomes based on information provided
  • Assimilate and process information in order to make effective team decisions
  • Delegate responsibilities and quickly build trust in team roles
  • Structure & deliver a clear message to colleagues
  • Review feedback and make decisions quickly to act on new information received, generating the best possible results within tight deadlines
  • Work with unfamiliar technical or specialist language


This task is a two-stage business-based decision-making challenge that initially requires individuals to process information, then contribute to the creation of a workable team strategy within the challenging 15 minute time deadline imposed. The second stage involves using feedback provided to revisit the strategy developed in stage 1, and provide a final response. The feedback will provide the opportunity to revisit some earlier decisions, and if taken, will provide the optimal result. An opportunity exists to appoint an observer role in each group, providing valuable options to consider peer coaching practice, or gather experience in behavioural observation.

The activity will accommodate up to 5 x small groups of 3-4 people (a maximum of 20 participants including observers) and lasts for 50 minutes:

  • Stage 1: 20 x minutes (including briefing) of activity to determine two route choices
  • Stage 1: Review: 10 x minutes review of Stage 1 route choices
  • Stage 2: 15 x minutes of further activity and decision on final route choice
  • Stage 2: Review: 5 x minutes review of final route choice

Further licenses can be purchased to work with larger group sizes.


Access via a secure online experiential learning platform.

One annual user licence with online facilitator guidance, including:

  • information on setting up the activity and inviting delegates
  • instructions on operating the activity and facilitating learning for the group
  • suggestions for reviewing the learning

Online access to each of the 4x individual activity briefs (plus an optional observer role) that are issued to the participants via emailed links (or by individual links shared in direct messaging/chat apps).

Automated selection of appropriate brief distribution, associated with participants emails and/or names, for each user group size of between 3 and 20 per session.

Unlimited use of the activity within the 12 month licence term from the date of purchase, and use of all materials included for learner groups of up to 20 x participants each (the ideal maximum size of learner group).

The ability to add a second trainer to create and deliver sessions. 

This is a downloadable product. You will receive emailed instructions on how to download the software. It may take 1-3 days to receive this email, depending on the day of the week that the order is placed. 

Emergency Delivery Game

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