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The Claxx Fidget Toy is a fun rainbow-colored fidget slug--but it's not gooey or ugly! Twist, swivel, and rotate the interconnected domes. Claxx has an amazing range of motion and makes a gentle "raining" sound when manipulated or shaken. This unique fidget toy is completely mesmerizing as you move it in smooth wave-like patterns.

In our endless search for perfect fidget toys--Trainers Warehouse is always scouting for best-of-the-best resources for teachers and trainers--we saw a bunch of super-sized fidget slug toys that seemed too big and distracting to work well in learning and meeting settings. We find this smaller version to be perfect for those seeking fidget toys that aren't too distracting.


  • Colorful - The fidget slug, a.k.a. Claxx, comes as a rainbow of color. [NOTE: colors may vary.]
  • Perfect size - measuring approximately 5.5" long and 2.5" in circumference, Claxx is perfect for large or small hands. While it's ample, it can also be hidden away faily easily.
  • Soothing Sound - The hard plastic spheres provide a soothing noise that sounds like a soft summer rain. If you're looking for silence, you might need to choose a different option. But, when we tested it in standard classrooms and meeting rooms, sound made by Claxx was found to be acceptable.


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    Great, but loud

    The clacking sound this makes are asrm levels of pleasant. I love it. And the shape is cool too. However, it is rather loud, so it would not be suitable for quiet environments.

Claxx Fidget Toy

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