Poems of Praise - I Noticed (free)

Employee Thank You Poem

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Poems of Praise - I Notice is an original poem that recognizes the challenges of living with and dealing with the coronavirus. The poem playfully yet poignantly thanks all of those who are pushing new boundaries for their attitude, contributions, and help.

I know our world feels topsy-turvy,
That what we're doing feels kind of "nervy."
All of us are treading new waters,
Balancing work with care of sons and daughters.
Hidden behind masks, on a computer or phone,
Our laughter and smiles are seldom shown.
Yet still I notice you give it your all,
Whatever arises, you're there for the call.
Together we're doing it, getting it done,
With you on my team, the challenge's more fun!
Hope it isn't much longer we're forced apart.
‘Til then, I say "THANK YOU," from deep in my heart.


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Poems of Praise - I Noticed (free)

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