Poems of Praise - COVID series

Send a poem of appreciation, acknowledging COVID challenges!

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Poems of Praise is a set of 9 original poems that recognize the challenges of living with and dealing with the coronavirus. The poems playfully yet poignantly thank all of those who are pushing new boundaries for their attitude, contributions, and help. 

Each poem expresses a mix of general and specific praise and thanks:

  1. Remarkable: thanks for your contributions, general
  2. Kudos: meeting contributions
  3. Awesome: meeting participation
  4. WOWZA – learn, work hard, excel (colleague / teammate)
  5. You Got Caught – You did something great
  6. I Noticed – balancing it all, you're there for us
  7. You Rock – bringing smiles every day
  8. GREAT – You're first rate!
  9. WE'VE GOT THIS – thanks to frontliners and those in the back; together, we've got this!

PRESENTATION FORMAT: Just open the  .ZIP file to extract the 9 JPG image files. Choose a favorite and paste in into an email. Feel free to add a personal note of thanks, or let the poems do the talking!

This is a downloadable product. After you've placed your order, you will be given a link where you can download the compressed .zip files. You will need a program such as WinZip to extract the files for your use.

Poems of Praise - COVID series

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