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Awards & Recognition

EXPLORE THE "JUST RIGHT RECOGNITION" INFOGRAPHIC:   A meta-analysis of 19 reinforcement theory studies revealed that recognition improves performance by a whopping 15%! And what was #1 choice for recognition? Sincere praise. It doesn’t take much . . . a word of kindness, a hand-written note, a token of appreciation, a certificate . . . the important thing is that we do it! 

  • High Five Lapel Pins & Cards

    High Five Lapel Pins & Cards (set of 10)

    Everyone likes to receive AND GIVE praise. It makes us feel good! Give one of these out to anyone who demonstrates a great achievement, a positive attitude, a major contribution, or who gives someone else a hand. Encourage sharing appreciation of others...


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  • Kudos for Values; 10 pads

    Kudos for Values - set of 10 Note Pads

    Recognize when employees and colleagues "walk the talk" when it comes to organizational values. Recognition for matching or exceeding corporate values and goals will lift their spirits and inspire continued effort.  Make sure your team exemplifies...


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  • Poems of Praise - COVID series-thumbnail

    Poems of Praise - COVID series

    DESCRIPTION Poems of Praise is a set of 9 original poems that recognize the challenges of living with and dealing with the coronavirus. The poems playfully yet poignantly thank all of those who are pushing new boundaries for their attitude,...


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  • I Noticed Pads; one pad

    I Noticed Apprciation Note Pads - in Duplicate

    Sometimes GREAT work happens in small ways. Let people know you've noticed the big and small efforts they make each day to contribute to your organization, promote its mission, and create positivity. Use carbonless Kudos to give recognition and keep a...


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  • Kudos for Colleagues Sticky Notes Blue

    Kudos for Colleagues Sticky Notes Blue (set 10)

    Kudos Notes, now available as a sticky pad! Don't wait for momentous events to give positive feedback. Use these clever notes liberally to boost learners' and colleagues' spirits, recognize large or small contributions, and inspire continued effort...


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  • Kudos for Growth & Learning; set of 10

    Kudos for Growth & Learning - NotePads for Motivation

    KUDOS for Growth and Learning! Support a "Growth Mindset" by giving KUDOS when people take a risk, stick with a problem, make great contributions, show improvement, take the time to do things right, and more. KUDOS Green notes are perfect for long-term...


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  • Kudos Poster, Peel & Stick; unroll and peel off

    Kudos Poster, Peel & Stick, dry-erase, 42" x 26"

    It's NOT a cork board! This is a Write-on Wipe-off Giant Poster! Just Peel & Stick! Everyone performs better when they feel recognized and appreciated. Rather than waiting for momentous events, take time to notice positive effort every day! Stick...


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  • Oscar's Cousin Trophy; small trophy on black base

    Oscar's Cousin Trophy - 6.75 inches high

    And the winner is... Reward your best "performers" with these elegant statuettes to make them feel like stars. Oscar's Cousin Trophy  is a great gift to recognize "Most Dramatic Turnaround" in customer satisfaction, "Outstanding Performance" by a...


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