Atomic Nee Doh

For Atomic Stress Relief

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The Atomic Nee Doh stress ball is a groovy glob of gratifying goo! It has a unique exoskeleton that creates a mesmerizing bubble eruption.  Atomic Nee Doh is breaking the boundaries of fidget balls…it’s totally out of this world! Just give it a squeeze, and one turns to many! The growing groovy globs magically change colors when squeezed and are filled with a super-soft compound.



  • Colorful - The Atomic Nee Doh comes in a bright dual color scheme (Yellow/Pink, Pink/Blue, Blue/Yellow).  We pick and ship each ball randomly for your order.   [NOTE: Images may not indicate the color we have in stock.]
  • Quiet - The gel makes a squishing sound when the bubbles pop through the exoskeleton.
  • Size - The Atomic Nee Doh is approximately 2.75" in diameter, perfect for squeezing and tossing.
  • Texture - The rubbery exoskeleton provides a firm grip and the soft and squishy gel can be pushed back into the exoskeleton.


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