52 Essentials for Implicit Bias

A game to uncover cognitive biases

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The 52 Essentials for Implicit Bias is a game to uncover cognitive biases for better problem-solving, smarter decision-making. Each card contains a description and explanation of a bias, challenge, or effect. Facilitation cards include game ideas for 5 levels of learning:  build knowledge (level 1), expand comprehension (level 2), apply the knowledge (level 3), analyze the bias (level 4), and evaluate the concept (level 5).

Equip yourself and your team with the skills to understand and think critically about implicit bias. It's a great pre-cursor to your diversity and DEI training.


  • Become a faster BS detective. Uncover biases and assumptions hidden in the “facts” of news, social media, and speeches.
  • Become a smarter consumer. Recognize when advertisements are playing with your mind!
  • Become a savvier investor. Uncover irrational behaviors in yourself and others!
  • Become a wiser negotiator and influencer. Setup bulletproof arguments. Help others understand the what, why, and how.
  • Become a kinder human being. Understand the role of implicit biases in decision-making.


1. FOCUS AREA (total of 5, with a special competency on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)


3. DEFINITION to help you understand.

4. EXAMPLE to help you apply to the real world.

5. QUOTE to help you analyze current events.


Have each participant pick a card, then pair up with 1-3 others. Encourage them to share and discuss the contents on the card:

  • Quiz each other to guess the bias based on the definition
  • Read the example on the card, then share another way that bias might be expressed

When the pairs or triads have finished talking, have them swap cards and find new partners with whom they can repeat  the exercise.

52 Essentials for Implicit Bias

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