UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Coaching Prompts

UNZiP-it!™ and start talking online about important Coaching Topics

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Energize a Webinar, Remote Learning Session, or Online Meeting with UNZiP-it! Remote. Even if you aren't face to face, make it fun to pick a question and get conversations rolling. Read the poem and pick a question:  

Feeling shy about speaking out?
Or, not sure what to talk about?
It's easy now to start the flow,
And have discussions bloom and grow.
Click the button below to pick a topic,
Big and broad, or microscopic,
A prompt that doesn't dig too deep,
Or one that makes you take a leap.
Go ahead, just press to pick it,
Read the prompt and then UNZiP-it!


PROMPTS:  The Coaching prompts are predicated on GROW Methodology to help you coach your way to better results.

Goal - Hone in on your GOALS and vision of success
Reality -  Understand the REALITY of current challenges
Options - Explore and prioritize OPTIONS
Way Forward - Discover a WAY FORWARD

People get to know each other by looking into the past and the roads traveled.  Walk a mile in someone else's shoes to understand what makes people tick!  We are who we are today because of our history and our lifetime of experiences. Encourage your group to share details of their past -- school, friends, family, hobbies, challenges, and more! 

PRESENTATION FORMAT: The PowerPoint file is saved as a "pptm" file, containing a Macro. Once you enable the content, the UNZiP-it! Button will select a random discussion prompt. 

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UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Coaching Prompts

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