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1000s of online conversation starters!

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Create your own icebreaker or conversation game. Choose from 1000+ discussion prompts to get people talking about topics that matter. Use Trainers EXCHANGE to break the ice, dive into deeper subject-specific topics, energize the group mid-day, debrief your game, or close out the day. Play or online!

Use the 1000s of conversation starters for online meetings, webinars, presentations, team meetings and more.


  • Pick from over 30 themes -- Getting To Know You, Team Building, Diversity, Ethics, Session Openers, Closers, Personal Growth... (see full list below)
  • Choose conversation prompts, famous quotations, meeting closers, jokes, energizers and tons more!
  • Select all the prompts from a theme or only a handful
  • Search by keyword or category
  • Shuffle up to 6 themes
  • Favorite your most-liked themes
  • See which themes are most popular

Whether you are face-to-face or connecting virtually, meaningful conversations are critical to building strong relationships and developing trust. Conversation Prompts, Quotes, Energizers, and all the content you’ll find in the Exchange are designed to help groups get relaxed or energized, so they can open up and have meaningful conversations.


Each theme has 30+ prompts. Subject matter experts helped develop all topic-specific prompts to ensure their suitability for team development.

  1. Select your favorite themes or choose specific prompts within a theme. You can select content from up to 6 themes.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the themes and your preferred prompts, Click “LET’S PLAY.” This will bring you to your game page.
  3. Players can pick a specific theme or choose “SURPRISE ME.” Either way, they will immediately find a randomly generated prompts drawn from your selected themes.
  4. From the prompt, you will always have the option to pick another prompt from the same theme (NEW PROMPT), choose NEW THEME, or select SURPRISE ME to get a random prompt from your pre-selected shuffle.



Themes include:

Shaped by Our Past Discuss past experiences. Understand what makes your group tick 
Getting to Know You Probing questions about phobias, wishes and favorite moments 
Session Openers Questions about goals, motivations, and aspirations 
Favorites Share all your favorites – pastimes, places, preferences and more 
What Makes You YOU? Discover fascinating facts about one another 
Common Ground Identify experiences and interests that you share with others
Which are You and Why? Discuss where you fall on a variety of fun spectrums
If You Were a…  Describe yourself using an analogy
Building Bridges Dive into the dynamics of building trust 
Diversity Understand bias & explore issue of inclusion
Team Dynamics See what enhances or undermines team success 
Get Happy at Work Emphasize the positive (goals, achievements…) 
Be a Leader Identify leadership strengths and opportunities 
Stress Management Discover causes of stress and ways to manage it 
Workplace Ethics Learn what inhibits people from doing what’s right
Customer Service Share best methods for responding to customer complaints.
Sales Discuss best ways to handle objections and close sales
Safety Toolbox Talks Explore topics of workplace safety 
Onward & Upward Focus on resilience and change 
Coaching GROW by discussing Goals, Reality, Options and Ways Forward
Meeting Zest Improve camaraderie and meeting effectiveness 
Energy Break Keep the blood flowing during long meetings
Team debriefs Debrief a learning day or team activity
Memory Keepers Hone in on key learning points
Next Steps  Articulate important take-aways and follow-up
Cheers 'n Chats Recognize accomplishments and feel good
Attitude & Motivation Famous quotations to inspire and motivate
Growth & Learning Thoughtful quotes to promote growth and development
Leadership and Teams Words of wisdom for leaders and team performance
Shake it Up Mind & body challenges to relax, energize and refresh
Communication Home in on communication DOs and DON’Ts.


Trainers EXCHANGE - Annual Subscription

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