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From basic procedures to leadership training, KnowledgeCity®'s online learning platform makes training easy.

Employee training has skyrocketed, costing businesses worldwide billions every year. These organizations have turned to learning management systems (LMS) as a way for their employees to learn business skills online. The problem with LMS software is that it doesn't provide you with the content you need. You still need to develop your own content that is compatible with the LMS framework. That's why the team at KnowledgeCity has created a turnkey solution to provide you with everything you need for your organization's employee training in one, convenient location.

Train as many or as few employees as you need to!

Learning Management System

KnowledgeCity provides the tools and information to monitor the progress of your employee training. This helps you drive success, and also ensures maximum return on your investment with our employee training solutions. These tools, including charts, graphs, totals, summaries, details, and reports enable quick decision-making capabilities by providing both the “big picture” and instant access to detailed information about each user involved in training.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is designed with you, the manager, in mind. With its streamlined interface, you'll be able to access all the relevant information for your employee training quickly and easily. The system is both user-friendly and efficient.

Over 12,000 videos covering topics in:

  • Business courses
  • Computer courses
  • Workplace Safety courses
  • Compliance courses
  • Finance courses

NOTE: When you order this product, you will be purchasing a 1-year subscription that allows ONE PERSON access to the entire LMS and all the training videos. You can choose as many licenses as you want by adding multiple units in the shopping cart. After your order is placed, we will get in touch with you by email within 1-3 business days with instructions and login credentials for setting up your KnowledgeCity account.


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The Training Needs Analysis:

The Admin Tool


Training Needs Analysis

The best way for a client to achieve the greatest return on investment is by having each user assigned the courses that are most relevant to the work they do or need to be able to do. However, choosing the best courses for each of your employee's skill level and job responsibilities can be a difficult and time-consuming task without the proper employee training solutions.

With KnowledgeCity's Training Needs Analysis (TNA) feature, each user answers questions about their specific job duties. A proprietary algorithm within the online training program analyzes the responses and recommends relevant courses. KowledgeCity's training advisors then analyze the results and choose the best courses for that particular user. Then, all that's left is for management to review the results and approve or modify the user's final course list. This process allows all users to be interviewed at once, and it allows the managers to individually approve the final list of courses for each user in a remarkably short amount of time.

My Learning Page

Users can track and manage their progress by using the My Learning Page. This page allows users to be more productive by measuring their progress within the online training platform. This beneficial feature allows users to set goals, keep their place in each lesson, and remember what the next steps should be. The My Learning page contains several tabs which show how the user is progressing and track each course that the user has been assigned or has chosen. Some users will work one-by-one down a list of courses, while others prefer to take several courses at once. The My Learning page will help them with either workflow style, and it will let them know how many days they have left to complete the courses.

Certificates of Proficiency

Certificates of Proficiency are available upon the completion of any of the online training programs. To ensure your employees truly grasp the material, these certificates are only obtained after passing a proficiency test that becomes available after course completion. The tests can be taken from or your custom portal. Simply click the Certification Test button once a course has been completed.

The tests are timed and are always different. Each time an employee takes a test, a different set of questions is randomly pulled from a larger question pool to ensure that anyone who earns a certificate truly understands the material. This attention to detail has led to KnowledgeCity's place as a frontrunner in the realm of employee training solutions.


KnowledgeCity provides state-of-the-art technology that allows continuous streaming videos for all courses, so there are no delays while watching the training videos. The lessons begin playing right away, and employees can quickly jump to any point within the video at any time.

Customized Training Courses

The feature that truly separates KnowledgeCity as the best online training platform for business is their ability to create a custom-made training program to fit your company or industry. You provide the training details, and they will produce the courses—authored by the top instructors in the industry, and posted for your employees to watch within 90 days. Already have training materials you'd like to use? With our SCORM compatibility, we can easily integrate your training programs directly into the KnowledgeCity online training platform.