TW Exclusive Fidgets

Trainers Warehouse develops desk toys and fidget tools that pass its rigorous fidgeting tests. Fidget and fiddle toys designed by Trainers Warehouse are quiet, durable, and fun. They’re perfect for corporate training workshops, school settings, and ADHD learners. What they are NOT, is also important. They are never too noisy or too distracting. Find an assortment of your new favorite fidget toys at our fidget online warehouse.

  • Mooy Bien Cow Squeezie

    Mooy Bien Cow Squeezie


  • Top Banana Squeezie

    Top Banana Squeezie


  • Gyrobi Squared

    Gyrobi Squared


  • Clusterz Fiddle Toy

    Clusterz® Fiddle Toy


  • Gyrobi, Boxed set of 24

    Gyrobi (boxed set of 24)


  • Loopeez; 24 in box

    Loopeez (boxed set of 24)


  • Loopeez Jr.; box of 24

    Loopeez Jr (boxed set of 48)




Whether you’re shopping for a single fidget toy or equipping your entire learning center with fidget toys, Trainers Warehouse has you covered. Shop Fidget Sets if you’re purchasing fidget tools or desk toys for a big group. Easily select a set based on the number of units needed, variety, or cost. Like other teachers and trainers, you might find that your fiddle toys mysteriously “walk away” at the end of a session. While this might be somewhat disappointing, don’t forget that the fidgets can serve as an ongoing reminder of lessons learned. In fact, some have pointedly asked their learners to examine their fidget toy and pick a characteristic that will trigger their memory of an important learning point. Or, shop our fidget online warehouse to find the perfect desk toy for your favorite fidgety friend who likes to squeeze and stretch or manually manipulate their finger fidgets.


Since its founding over 30 years ago, Trainers Warehouse has been dedicated to developing unusual products that solve the specific needs of trainers. Fidget and desk toys have been popular for dozens of years, but they only scratch the surface of Trainers Warehouse exclusive product offerings. In addition to quieting wandering minds, trainers and teachers seek products to enhance memory and retentiongamify the process of learningbuild team spiritfoster communicationappreciate effort, and reward achievement.