On The Go Trainer's Kit

Everything you need to have in a mobile training kit

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A kit for the trainer on the go. We've put some of our most popular and useful tools into this kit so you'll have everything you need for your mobile training session. This is a savings of over 12% if you purchased each item separately! You can always purchase additional items to customize your kit for your specific needs. Our Trainers Exclusive On The Go Kit contains a little of everything!


  • The "Big Tube" (#ECT4): Is large enough to carry several easel pads. It has a large 7" diameter (30" L) codura nylon case with reinforced interior shell. Plus, it's light, fashionable and a pleasure to carry. Only available in BLACK. Comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Wizard Wall WHITE (#EAWIZW25):Turn any indoor surface into an INSTANT EASEL or use as a REPOSITIONABLE WHITEBOARD -- no tape, pins or adhesives needed. Its imbedded static charge allows either side of the Wizard Wall film to cling to any indoor surface. It has hundreds of uses and is ideal for collaboration, planning and instruction. Cover an entire conference room wall for a brainstorming session, roll the pieces up at the end of the session and take them back to the office! The Wizard Wall Standard Box of White Cling Film is a self contained system that includes:
    • Roll of WHITE Static Cling Film, 27.5 inches wide x 25 feet long
    • Wizard Wall Slide Cutting System
    • 3 black dry-erase board markers: The perfect companion to the Wizard Wall System
  • UNZIP-it! With Session Openers Deck (#BLPZAS) The Session Openers deck helps people get beyond knowing each other and contains deeper questions about motivations, goals, and what makes people tick. The most compelling reason to break the ice is to create a stress-free environment, optimized for learning.
  • Fidget Set : This small pouch of Fidget Toys is perfect for those looking for an assortment that will travel well. The set contains 11 pieces for a variety of sensory needs. Set usually includes (contents may vary): 
    • 6" Mini Spiral Glitter Wand filled with glitter and metallic shapes floating in liquid.
    • Multicolored Tangle Fidget Toy with movable joints that can pull apart. 7" extended, 18 interconnected 1" pieces.
    • The very satisfying and QUIET Mini Metal Spring Fiddle stretches to 4 feet long and returns to its original shape. Size: 1" diameter.
    • FlexiBlox's 12 colorful wooden blocks are tied together with a stretchy elastic cord. You can stretch it, fold it, or transform it into an endless variety of new 3-D shapes, without losing your learner's attention. Total length is 5-5/8" L; each block is a little less than 1/2" sq.
    • SwingOs is known for its bright colors, quiet action and mindless "fiddlebility." The 3 rings are seamlessly attached to each other and rotate around each other in surprising and various ways. Grip the rings, or slip a finger in any of them, and swing away with abandon.
    • Mini Jeliku's flexible joints invite you to fold and unfold the sections in an endless number creative shapes. Measures 3" W x 2.5" L (folded); extends to 17" long (unfolded).
    • Loopeez and Loopeez Jr. are both are easy to manipulate without much physical or mental effort. Endlessly flip the colored plastic pieces around and around the dual axes of the rings. The colored curved pieces are molded to fit perfectly in one hand or two.
    • Tin of Brain Putty for active hands and minds and for everyone who's doing some thinking. Each tin is 1.75" diameter.
    • Flexygon is a colorful endlessly flexible hexaflexagon-shaped fidget toy (patent pending)

[NOTE: these tools are not intended for children under 5 years old.]

  • Million Dollar Bills (#PPMIL): One pack contains 12 wallet-size paper bills and there are a million uses for million dollar bills:
    • Say "thanks a million"
    • Make any question a million dollar question! If they get it right, give 'em the bucks.
    • Ask, "what would you do if you had a million dollars?"
    • Ask, "what would our company/department do differently if we had a million dollars?"
    • Reward stellar efforts
  • Start-Stop-Continue-Change Sticky Notes (#GAGFSP): These sticky note pads are perfect debrief tools for individuals or small groups. The set of 20 pre-printed sticky note pads with STOP, START, CONTINUE, and CHANGE printed on each note with plenty of blank space on each pad for to write out ideas and goals on each sheet. Each set includes 5 of each style of pad. Each 3 in. x 3 in. pad has 50 stickies. Pass them around as prompts to ask the following questions:
    • What actions should you START doing to integrate today's learning into your daily processes?
    • Which actions should you STOP doing to avoid current problems?
    • What's still working that you should CONTINUE to do?
    • What needs to CHANGE in order to bring about the desired change?

On The Go Trainer's Kit

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