Fab 5 Fiddle Collection of 20 Fidget Toys

NEW collection of 5 of our most popular 'fiddles' to keep your students fit to learn.

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Get only your favorite five fidgets for less!

Focus on everyone's favorites and get 4 of each -- now packaged in a see-through drawstring vinyl bag, as shown in image above.

Includes 20 assorted Fiddles: Tangles, Bendeez, Flexiblox, Koosh balls, and Jeliku. (Substitutions may occur.)

We encourage fidgeting because kinesthetic learners tend to focus better and absorb new material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

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    Great concentration enhancers

    My first purchase at Trainers Warehouse and I am delighted. The toys are durable and the variety is interesting. It was so easy to grab the toy bag and bring to the classroom. Each day participants selected a toy to keep their concentration for an 8 hour program. They worked great!

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    I would buy this product again

    Attendees loved these items and played with them through the training sessions. I received more positive feedback on these fiddle toys than any other product used in the past. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    EVERY adult loved these!!

    I set a basket of these items out in my office (medical) where I only treat adults and EVERY adult who entered my office took one while we went through an evaluation. They loved them, and they help reduce anxiety. I am planning my next purchase from Trainers Warehouse.

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    Great Group Gift

    We ordered multiple batches of fiddles and distributed them, along with the research we had gathered on the science of fidgeting, to all of our employees. We're getting great feedback! The items are varied enough to suit all of our different types of fidgeters and reasonably priced. If even a few of our employees absorbs more information, or a couple of supervisors learn that fidgeting doesn't mean the employees aren't paying attention, it will be more than worth the cost!

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    Good Quality and Excellent Price

    The fidget toys are great! It helps some of the participants in the class stay focused on what I am saying and presenting. Especially those that are hands on learners. They are good quality and an excellent price!

  • 5
    I Love this SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everybody loves when this set is laid out across the tables. The people that look at them when they first walk in with the look of "I would never play with a Koosh ball" are fiddling with the toys within minutes, and it increases participation.

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    Fab 5 Fiddle Set - Awesome!

    We use fiddles in our new student orientation for our program twice a year. We love this new set and are excited to order an additional set of the "Fab 5 Fiddle Set" for fall 2014 orientation. Awesome!!

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    Chances to Fiddle Make a Difference!

    Since I bought these I've yet to have a professional learning session pass without at least one person -- usually more -- remark what a difference having them on the table made. Often they *thank* me since having something for their hands to do allows them to focus better -- be it during the presentation or in discussions and activities.

  • 3
    Fairly mindless, except for Stretchies

    I use the fiddles in my classes of 3rd-6th graders. The bendeez and tangles are the best for occupying hands without distracting others or the user. The koosh balls are pretty good, but kids like to hold them in the air and watch them spin. The stretchies are VERY distracting; most kids want to swing them around, which ends up hitting other kids or just being a neat thing to look at. The blocks are great, but easy to break. If I were to re-do this purchase, I would specifically buy only the blocks, tangles, and bendeez.