Balls & Squeezies

Stress relief balls do double-duty in learning environments, as toss-able toys for learning reinforcement games and for stress relief. Plus, fidget stress balls signal a playful learning environment. Stash office stress relief toys in your desk, so you have an outlet to alleviate negative feelings when overwhelmed. Toss a ball around during meetings as a fun ‘microphone’ that signals when it’s someone’s turn to speak. Squeeze a ball to prevent distractions and improve concentration while working. The possibilities are endless!

  • Cheese & Mice Squeeze toy

    Cheese & Mice Squeeze toy


  • Yellow Smiley Face stress ball

    Smile Face Ball


  • Yellow foam Lightbulb Stress Reliever, upright

    Foam Lightbulb


  • Beady Squeeze Ball - close up; with inset of hand squeezing the ball

    Beady Squeeze Ball For Stress Relief - 2.5 Inch


  • Cheese Wedge Foam Stress Toy

    Cheese Wedge Foam Stress Relief Toy


  • DNA Ball - a stress toy with bundle of colorful beads inside a flexible, see-through casing.

    DNA Ball


  • Therapy Bead Ball

    Therapy Bead Ball


  • Glitter Bead Ball; round

    Glitter Bead Ball


  • Cyber Gel Stress Ball - other

    Cyber Gel Stress Ball