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Toys & Fidgets

EXPLORE THE "FANTASTIC FIDGETS" INFOGRAPHIC    Creativity and learning soar when we remove stress and create an environment that’s playful, energetic, and inspiring. Stress balls, fidget toys and doodling are known to improve mental focus because they occupy users' floating attention without competing for the thinking part of the brain. 

Wondering how to clean your Fidget Toys? In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and our efforts to stop touching our face, we ran a sterilization test and sanitized all our fidget toys. See our blog post for the results.

  • Figit Finger Massager

    Figit Finger Massager

    Figit Finger Massager's unique wire ring features tiny points which gently massage the fingers, using an easy up and down motion. It makes for a great fidget toy and feels therapeutic on stiff finger joints. We like to call it the Digit Figit!1"...


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  • You Rock Squeezie

    You Rock Squeezie

    The perfect stress squeezie for all of your Rockstar performers. This 4" long by 2.5 " tall foam squeeze will really show that you rock!


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  • Atom Ball

    Squid Ball

    It's squishy and squeezable! This rubbery ball features an array of stretchable tentacles. We love these both as figet toys and soft throwables for learning reinforcement games, icebreakers, and more. Assortment of colors, packed randomly. 4" [NOTE 1:...


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  • One of a Kind Fiddle Set; 24-piece set

    One of a Kind Fiddle Set

    Our One of a Kind Fiddle Set is actually more like a 4 of a Kind! We've bundled six of our favorite Trainers Exclusive fiddles to save you over 45% than if they were purchased separately! You'll get 2 dozen fiddles at a great price and will get 4 each of...


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  • Tall Smiley Bendable Guy; two poses

    Tall Smiley Bendable Guy 5 in.

    This happy face poseable, bendable makes the perfect classroom stress toy. He's 5" tall, feels great in your hand, and keeps his shape. Our "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners...


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  • Walk Away Fiddle Set

    Walk Away Fiddle Set (25/set)

    Don't worry if these Fiddles "walk away"!So many customers "complain" that their Fiddles are so popular that people want to keep them. With this set, you can encourage them to do so. This low-cost Fiddle set offers plenty of finger-enticing fiddlebility...


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  • Puffer Critters

    Puffer Critters

    This stretchy and tactile stress reliever is fun to fidget with, or toss and catch.Approximately 2.5" diameter, air-filled, soft stretchy rubber. This item comes in assorted styles/colors (dog, duck, frog, and pig), randomly packed. The benefits of using...


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  • Elephant Sandbag

    Elephant Sandbag

    Use this adorable 3"x6" fabric Elephant filled with sand as a game accessory, throwable, or stress toy. It's a "beanbag" with a hidden agenda -- use it as a way to ensure they'll remember your lesson, just like the proverbial elephant that never forgets...


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  • Red heart stress reliever toy

    Foam Heart

    These Foam Hearts have a myriad of creative training applications. For instance: * Ask them to put their heart into it * Ask how they felt about the challenge * Ask what they "cross their heart," pledge to try after the training event * Request...


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  • Mini Rubber Chicken

    Mini Rubber Chicken

    Why does a trainer or teacher need a rubber chicken? A. Companionship B. Stink up a BBQ C. Practice chewing D. Because it's funny Answer: D - just because it's funny. This small, 8" chicken is stretchy, squishy, solid rubber, and guaranteed to get a...


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  • Klixx  Fiddle Toy

    Klixx Fiddle Toy - 32-links

    Klixx are durable plastic and can be twisted and clicked into an endless variety of shapes! (Soft clicking sounds accompany each twisting action). 32 links, assorted colors (Black/Red, Blue/White, Blue/Green, Purple/Black) and packaged randomly. Colors...


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