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EXPLORE THE "FANTASTIC FIDGETS" INFOGRAPHIC    Creativity and learning soar when we remove stress and create an environment that’s playful, energetic, and inspiring. Stress balls, fidget toys and doodling are known to improve mental focus because they occupy users' floating attention without competing for the thinking part of the brain. 

Wondering how to clean your Fidget Toys? In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and our efforts to stop touching our face, we ran a sterilization test and sanitized all our fidget toys. See our blog post for the results.

  • Gold Squeeze Star (

    Gold Squeeze Star (foam)

    3" diameter, squeezable foam, yellow. The beautiful golden star works wonderfully as: Golden star rewards Stress toys 5-point reminders (just write on them with a permanent marker!) Fidget "toys" are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners...


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  • Rainbow Metal Spring; 4 assorted colors

    Rainbow Metal Spring

    Just like a metal Slinky, this fidget toy is a great stress reliever and fidget toy for your kinesthetic learners. Stretches to 4 feet long and returns to its original shape. Size: 2 1/4" Diameter. Assorted Colors, packed randomly. Enrich the "sensory...


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  • Shiatsu Spiky Massage Ball

    Shiatsu Spiky Massage Ball, 3.5"

    Rolling a Spiky Massage Ball in your hands -- or even under your feet -- gives a surprisingly energizing massage! Each ball has hundreds of sensory nodules that promote improved circulation and loosen the knots that develop when we sit too long and...


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  • Brain Noodles; assorted colors

    Brain Noodles (2/set)

    Funky Fat chenille pipe cleaners, a.k.a. Brain Noodles, make great fidget toys! Twist them into fun shapes, have a contest for the the most unique creation, ask students to work together to form a giant construction project! These Brain Noodles come...


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  • Beach in a Box

    Beach in a Box

    Make learning as relaxed as a day at the beach!Help your learners relax by offering the Beach in a Box fiddle. The soft sand and the beach umbrella create a nice oasis for relaxation. The sand can be molded into fun shapes as the special sand does not...


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  • Yellow Smiley Face stress ball

    Smile Face Ball

    Smile. That's all. Smile.You'll look good. You'll feel good. Your energy will be contagious.3" foam ball.Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes!


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  • Loopeez Jr.

    Loopeez Jr

    We heard you! Our most popular fiddle "Loopeez" now comes in a compact smaller size for smaller hands. Introducing Loopez Jr – the perfect mindless "fiddle" for endless hours of fiddling without much physical or mental effort. Plus, they're...


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  • Bunchies


    "Bunchies" stick together like the burrs that stick to your clothes -- but bunchies are softer, more colorful, and much more fun!They're highly satisfying to squeeze when they're stuck together, and fun to rearrange in endlessly different patterns. When...


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  • Question Mark Stress Toy

    Question Mark Stress Toy

    Draw out learning points gleaned from your games and activities. Toss these foam stress balls to class participants and ask them to share accordingly.3.5", foam


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  • Spiral Twists

    Spiral Twists Fidget Toy (Set of 9)

    BOING! The 2.5" spiral twists are great for sensory stimulation. These fidget toys can be connected to each other, twisted into balls and more. Lightweight, simple and flexible, they will subtly occupy fingers during meetings. The twists fit easily in...


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  • Brain Stress Ball - side view

    Brain Stress Ball

    With the colorful foam Brain Stress Ball, send a range of metaphoric messages. The MULTI-COLORED BRAIN can represent thoughtfulnss, resilience, openness, change, effort, and appreciation for the fact that things aren't always gray, or black and white!...


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  • Smiley Isoflex Ball

    Smiley Isoflex Ball

    The IsoFlex is double lined with natural latex for extra durability. This cheerful version of the time-tested Isoflex is a nice massage for hands! When you squeeze the ball, it's nice and firm. It sort of has the squish of wet sand. While our "fiddles"...


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