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Creativity and learning excel when we take away stress to create an atmosphere that’s lively, dynamic, and stimulating. Stress balls, fidgets, and doodling improve mental focus, because they occupy users' floating attention without competing for the thinking part of the brain. But not all fidgets are created alike. We find and make fidgets that are appealing, quiet, and well-constructed!

Our Trainers Warehouse fidget website has it all! We know that every student, kinesthetic learner, and meeting participant will find their favorite toy. Teachers and trainers will find fabulous and quiet fidgets for every tactile preference! Squeeze 'em. Shape 'em. Flex 'em. Manipulate 'em.

  • Bendable Pencil

    Bendable Pencil



Fidget & Fiddle Toy FAQs


Whether you need office fidget toys or “fiddle” and fidget toys for classroom learners, you’ll discover tons of great options on our fidget website. Find classics like the Mini Metal Spring Fiddle and Tangle Fidget Toy, which are entertaining without being distracting, as well as new items like Loopeez, SwingOs, and Helix. Branch out and send a special message with stress balls, such as You Rock Squeezies or Top Dog Stress Balls, to show your students and employees how much you appreciate them. Keep meetings fun, alleviate stress, and make learning easier for everyone with our expansive line of fidgets!


Our playful, innovative, and effective resources go far beyond just the fidget toys at Trainers Warehouse. Operating since 1990, we have spent years sourcing or creating all of the high-quality tools that today’s trainers and teachers need to facilitate more memorable learning experiences. Even better, our tools can make your job more fun along the way! Whether you’re trying to make your meetings more exciting or invigorate classroom learning, explore Trainers Warehouse!