Tokens of Appreciation Cards Only - NEW (100/set)

Share appreciation of one and all!

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Praise should be given to EVERYONE -- not just your top performers! Brain science tells us that positive feedback and encouragement inspire confidence, increased effort and success. Thank about it... Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Right?

These business card-sized Tokens of Appreciation make it so easy to send a thoughtful message. With the 100-card set, you can distribute them with abandon! Encourage friends, colleagues, and family members to show their appreciation of others, as well.

Token of Appreciation Card Features

  • Convenient size: 3.5" x 2" cards are the same size as a business card, so they're easy to stash in a wallet, display on your desktop, or keep in your car, purse or cell phone case.
  • Room for a personalized message: Each card has a colorful imprint on one side only. The reverse side is blank. leaving room for a personalized message.
  • Pass along value: the happy poem shown on the Token of Appreciation card encourages recipiencts to pass along the token to others deserving recognition.

Token of Appreciation Motivational Message

Too often in our circles,
appreciation goes unspoken,
So, let us start anew with this very special token.
Please don't stash it in a wallet or leave it at your "station",
"Pass it on" to a friend, in an Act of Appreciation.
As on and on it travels, giving thanks and recognition.
Ours will become a place of brightened disposition."

Tokens of Appreciation Cards Only - NEW (100/set)

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