Negotiating Style Profile -- Participant guide

Self-assessment and participant book to accompany Negotiating Style Profile Facilitator Guide

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What's your Negotiation Style?

Defeating?  Accommodating?  Collaborating?  Withdrawing?  Compromising?

Use the Negotiating Style Profile Self-assessment and Participant Book to find out!

This assessment accompanies the Negotiating Style Profile Facilitator Guide (#RBSNSF), which is sold separately.  The program requires 1 Self-Assessment per participant in a session.

11 pages, paperbound

Everybody negotiates. Whether people are striving to hit their monthly sales quota, campaigning for a deadline extension, or pitching ideas to a team, the same principles apply.

There's more to effective negotiating than the outcome alone. In fact, building productive relationships is equally important. Skillful negotiators know this is the key to their success - and its what sets them apart from the rest.

Based on Ury and Fishers collaborative win-win model, and heavily influenced by the highly-respected Thomas-Kilmann conflict resolution model, the offers a simple framework for determining ones negotiating style and the likely effect it has in negotiating situations.

A powerful combination of self-assessment, 180 peer feedback, and classroom training, the Negotiating Style Profile identifies a preference for one of five negotiating styles: Defeating, Accommodating, Collaborating, Withdrawing, or Compromising.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn five styles of negotiating
  • Identify personal negotiating style
  • Discover why a win-win approach is most effective
  • Learn how ones negotiating style is perceived by others
  • Develop an action plan to improve negotiating-style strengths

The Negotiating Style Profile is an excellent starting point for anyone in your organization, from front-line employees to management team members and everyone in between.

Negotiating Style Profile -- Participant guide

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