Kudos Card Set (70/set)

Encourage a culture of shared appreciation!

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Let your students, team, or co-workers know they're appreciated for the efforts they make and the risks they take to learn and grow. With our 70-piece collection of Kudos Cards, you can now distribute these happy-looking notes to anyone who demonstrates a great achievement, positive attitude, helpful contribution, or even makes a small effort that deserves recognition.

Make it a habit of catching people by surprise with unsolicited positive feedback. You'll reap the rewards of improved engagement and personal pride. Best of all, you'll set an example for others to do the same, creating a culture of appreciation!

Each 3.5" x 2" card is printed on one side with the motivational message, leaving the back side blank for a personal message:

  • Token Of Appreciation
  • You Did Something REMARKABLE
  • YOU GOT CAUGHT Doing Something Good
  • AWESOME you did great!

Set includes 10 each of 7 cards.

Kudos Card Set (70/set)

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