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The iconic Smiley Face, with two oval eyes in a bright yellow circle, is credited to Harvey Ball, who developed the image in 1963 when his employer, State Mutual Life Assurance Company asked that he create a happy face to raise employee morale. His graphic, which gained popularity in the ‘70s when the Spain brothers’ "Have a happy day" products hit the market, continues to brighten our offices. We've curated a broad range Smiley and Happiness at work tools.

  • Yellow Smiley Face stress ball

    Smile Face Ball

    Smile. That's all. Smile.You'll look good. You'll feel good. Your energy will be contagious.3" foam ball.Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes!


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  • Smiley Isoflex Ball

    Smiley Isoflex Ball

    The IsoFlex is double lined with natural latex for extra durability. This cheerful version of the time-tested Isoflex is a nice massage for hands! When you squeeze the ball, it's nice and firm. It sort of has the squish of wet sand. While our "fiddles"...


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  • Tall Smiley Bendable Guy; two poses

    Tall Smiley Bendable Guy 5 in.

    This happy face poseable, bendable makes the perfect classroom stress toy. He's 5" tall, feels great in your hand, and keeps his shape. Our "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners...


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  • Light-Up Smile Ball, yellow glow

    Light Up Smile Ball

    This hi-bounce ball will make you smile! When bounced, it flashes for about 11 seconds with multicolored light! 2-inch diameter, rubber. Assorted colors (green, pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple) packed randomly.  Click here to view FREE...


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  • Poems of Praise - I Noticed (free)

    Poems of Praise - I Noticed (free)

    Please accept this Free Offer to distribute to your team. Poems of Praise - I Notice is an original poem that recognizes the challenges of living with and dealing with the coronavirus. The poem playfully yet poignantly thanks all of those who are pushing...


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  • Woman looking into Smile Mirror

    Classic Smile Mirrors (10/set)

    Classic Smile Mirrors -- 10 MIRRORS IN ONE SETDiscounts available if you purchase 10 or more SETS. NOTE: Quantity discounts shown above refer to a unit (set of 10 mirrors). "SMILE! They can hear it in your voice!"Give your people a smile mirror to keep...


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  • Smiley Molecule Ball

    Smiley Molecule Ball

    Give one of these to any employee who needs to interact with customers ... or anybody! We all need reminders to put on our best face and show respect for others at work.It's a wonderful squeeze toy and stress management tool to use when you're on the...


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  • goLITE BLU by Philips

    goLITE BLU by Philips

    Increase your energy without coffee! Fight fatigue, improve alertness with light therapy. It's a completely natural, drug-free solution to boost your mood and treat "Seasonal Affective Disorder" (SAD) whenever you're stuck inside for too long. Just shine...


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  • Smile Face Bendables; four assorted colors

    Smile Face Bendables 4 in. H (48 /bag)

    These happy bendable figures bring on big smiles. Each bag includes 12 each of 4 different styles of smile face bendable -- 48 total bendables. Each little guy is 4" tall. What do you do with these cute little guys? Anything that helps learners remember...


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  • Exceeding Expectations Mirrors

    Exceeding Expectations Mirrors (10/set)

    The Exceeding Expectations Mirrors are perfect reminders to express positive attitudes and a can-do work ethic. Keep groups performing at their best! Mirrors are backed with a gentle adhesive tab so that they can be mounted and removed from a computer...


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  • Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Look under your thumb, share, and get happy at work! The Get Happy at Work Thumball discussion prompts help create a more positive workplace by allowing colleagues to share goals, discuss challenges, and build relationships. Focusing on Positive Emotion,...


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