Good Job - Well Done Tokens (10/set)

Let students know you appreciate their efforts to learn and grow.

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Give praise liberally -- not just to top performers!

Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique tokens. Motivate everyone to keep up the good work and continue growing.

Token is inscribed with "GOOD JOB!" on one side; the reverse says "WELL DONE!"

Each token is 1" diameter. Solid medium-weight metal feels great in your hand! Sold in sets of 10 tokens.

NOTE: quantity discounts shown above refer to a unit (bag of 10 tokens).

Trainer Tip! Thanks to "Deb the Trainer" from Millbury, MA for sharing this outstanding use of the tokens:

"We recently hosted an appreciation dinner/mixer for staff from 3 companies. A token was affixed to a place card printed with a poem about passing on appreciation. The cards were placed at each table setting. During dinner we read the poem and awarded the waitstaff with tokens too. By the end of dinner employees were passing coins to each other and our guests were planning to use them outside the institution too."'s an all-purpose poem that YOU may use when distributing your tokens, compliments of Trainers Warehouse President Susan Landay. You are welcome to "steal" these words or adapt them for your own use:

Too often in our circles, appreciation goes unspoken,
So, let us start anew with this very special token.
Please don't stash it in a wallet or leave it at your ‘station,'
"Pass it on" to a fellow friend, in an Act of Appreciation.
As on and on it travels, giving thanks and recognition.
Ours will become a place of brightened disposition.

Good Job - Well Done Tokens (10/set)

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