Game Wheels

Increase participation, award prizes, and make learning fun with a perfectly-sized prize wheel. Create your own prize wheel game by customizing each wedge of the wheel with a prize, topic, team name, lunch option, participant name, or anything else you can imagine. Join other facilitators and trainers in using game wheels to get participants up and moving. 

  • Spin to Win 24" Prize Wheel

    Spin to Win 24" Prize Wheel


  • Travel Case 31-inch Prize Wheel

    Travel Case for 31 inch Prize Wheel


  • Micro Prize Wheel;  14 in. diam.

    Micro Prize Wheel 14" diameter


  • Prize Wheel (18-Pocket) Tabletop/Floor model; in use

    Prize Wheel (18-Pocket, 31 in. diameter) Tabletop&Floor model


  • LIGHT-UP Prize Wheel with 12- to 24-Slots; customized

    12- to 24-Slot Floor Stand Prize Wheel w/LIGHTS


  • Mini Prize Wheel -  20 in. diam.

    Mini Prize Wheel 20 in. diam.


  • Prize Wheel (12-pocket, 31 in.; Convertible for Floor & Tabletop use,  with model

    Prize Wheel (12-pocket, 31 in. diameter) Floor&Tabletop model


  • Travel Case for Mini Prize Wheel

    Travel Case for Mini Prize Wheel


  • Mini Prize Wheel Carrying Bag

    Mini Prize Wheel Carrying Bag


  • Carry Case for Mini Plinko Prize Board; closed

    Carry Case for Mini Plinko Prize Board


  • 26" Tabletop Prize Wheel (12 pockets)

    Prize Wheel (12 pocket, 26 in diameter) Tabletop only




Prize wheel games contribute to brain-friendly learning in several ways. First, movement in training is critical, as it activates additional areas of the brain. Second, the playfulness of these games creates a positive emotional experience, increasing the memorability of learning even further. Finally, games create excitement and engagement, improving the likeliness of broad participation in learning activities. Best of all, prize wheels come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your needs choose a wheel that’s large or small, tabletop or floor-standing, clicking or light-up. You can also couple your prize wheels with a Whaddaya Know? Jeopardy-style game, audience response buzzer system, or Plinko.


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