Change Management Thumball

Change management conversations made fun!

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The focus of the Onward and Upward Thumball is resilience – moving beyond current challenges, toward future opportunities. For anyone going through a change in their life -- immigrants, abuse survivors, veterans, students, children/spouses of divorce, job changers, employees experiencing an organizational change, even those recovering from personal loss, disasters, and medical issues – the challenge is often to move beyond the past experience toward an unknown future.

Have rich conversations about goals, encourage thinking constructively, talk about people in your life and positive emotions, change and transitions using Onward and Upward thumballs

Onward and Upward Thumball Prompts

  1. Who do you turn to, when the going gets tough?
  2. One way I could stay healthy is to…
  3. Person/people I'd like to connect with
  4. During what activities do you lose track of time?
  5. My most important relationships
  6. The “silver lining” of a challenging time
  7. You can depend on someone like me to …
  8. Where do you find spiritual strength?
  9. “Rules/norms” I'd like to do away with
  10. The hardest thing about trying something new
  11. A good thing I accomplished recently
  12. The “work” that's most meaningful to me
  13. When feeling blue, I prefer company/solitude because…
  14. Something I'd like to do, just for me
  15. An act of kindness you recently received
  16. If you found $5000, how would you use it?
  17. What activities relax and calm you?
  18. One thing I wish I could stop doing
  19. A setback in my life that taught a valuable lesson
  20. What makes a good day for you?
  21. A person I remember fondly
  22. I feel successful when I …
  23. I've learned to accept that…
  24. How I've changed over the years
  25. My greatest challenge right now
  26. My "go-to" indulgence
  27. A way you've “given back”
  28. Your favorite “quiet place”
  29. My top priorities for the day/week
  30. The best thing about my family
  31. What are you most proud of?

[NOTE: Silver Series Conversation Prompts are available as Thumballs, UNZiP-IT! Pocket & Deck, and Virtual/Remote PPT.]

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Change Management Thumball

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