DocU-Sleeves, 11 x 17 Poster Sleeve

Easily mount small posters.

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If you need a long-lasting 11x17 sheet protector, you’ve come to the right place! You'll find countless ways to use DocU-Sleeves, including protecting certificates, checklists, job aids, evacuation signs, posters, and real estate listings. We offer plastic sleeves for paper 11x17, as well as many other sizes ranging from photo sizes (3.5” x 5”) to poster sizes (27” x 34”). 

These versatile sleeves are sturdy and dependable, yet flexible and lightweight. They stick to any surface with your preferred pre-attached backing. Use these handy 11x17 sheet protectors as a substitution for lamination or dry-erase boards, or to display important reminders or motivational posters.


  • ORIENTATION: Sleeves accommodate horizontal or vertical sheets.
  • HANGING THE PLASTIC SLEEVES: Backing options include VELCRO/OMNI, magnets, and easels; all come pre-attached to the sheet protector. Learn more about backings here.
  • REUSABLE: Durable, reusable sleeves hold up to many transitions.
  • SIZE OPTIONS:  Find the size that suits your needs: 3.5” x 5” / 4” x 6” / 5” x 7” / 8” x 10” / 8.5” x 11” / 8.5” x 14” / 11” x 17” / 18” x 24”  / 22” x 28” / 27” x 34”

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Trainers Warehouse carries a variety of document protectors to meet your needs. Display your important posters in an 11x17 sheet protector with our signage stands. You never know when you might need DocU-Sleeves and signs, so be sure to stock up; the more you buy, the better the discount! 

Since 1990, Trainers Warehouse has remained a family-owned business. We take pride in offering high-quality, innovative products backed by our generous 100% satisfaction guarantee. Purchase these plastic sleeves for paper 11x17 with full confidence today.


There are literally hundreds of uses for DocU-Sleeves. We see them in use for certificates, job aids, real estate listings, checklists, and evacuation signs, to name just a few.

No matter how you use DocU-Sleeves, here are just a few tips: 

    • You can put sheets in vertically or horizontally (portrait or landscape).
    • For vertical use, we recommend leaving the opening at the top, unless it's posted outside and you want to protect your document from water. Even if the opening is at the bottom, your document is unlikely to slide out.
    • VELCO/OMNI - If you're not sure whether a recipient will use the sheet protector on a plaster or fabric wall, choose the VELCRO/OMNI backing, so that they can use it on either surface.
    • OMNI - the gentle adhesive will not harm painted walls. 
    • MAGNETS -  these are best used for metal surfaces like file cabinets. They are light-weight magnets so if you stuff too many sheets in the DocU-Sleeve, it might be too heavy and slide down.
    • CONVENIENCE: We send the DocU-Sleeves with backings already attached.
    • EASEL: If you don't have wall space, but want a DocU-Sleeve to stand on a desk, ask us about Easel Backs.
    • OPTIONS:  Find the size that's perfect for your document. So many sizes are available: 3.5 x 5 / 4 x 6 / 5 x 7 / 8 x 10 / 8.5 x 11 / 8.5 x 14 / 11 x 17 / 18 x 24  / 22 x 28 / 27 x 34
    • CUT THEM DOWN: if we don't have the size you need, be aware that these can be cut down. We wouldn't say it's "easy as pie," but may serve you in a pinch.
    • LAMINATION: Use DocU-Sleeves in lieu of lamination.
    • DRY-ERASE:  Put a blank sheet of paper inside (or some sort of worksheet, chart or form), then use dry-erase markers on the DocU-Sleeves. You'll see the wipe clean nicely. Plus, you can slide in colored paper, worksheets and forms.
    • Slide sheets in an out as often as you need. They're not flimsy and so they'll stand up well to lots of transitions.
    • If using OMNI tabs, the adhesive may lessen if you take them up and down frequently, but feel free to get a back up supply of OMNI TABS!
    • DocU-Sleeves placed in direct sunlight or in very bright areas may yellow over time.
    • Are they recyclable? Not at this time, but we're working on it!


DocU-Sleeves, 11 x 17 Poster Sleeve

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