Convertible Desktop Sign Holder - extends up to 2 feet

Set this adjustable sign holder to three convenienct heights

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The Convertible Desktop Sign Holder is easy to set up, easy to move, easy to swap in new signs at a moment's notice by simply printing them out on standard sized paper.

Weighing in at only a little over 1 pound, this surprisingly stable sign holder comes with an 8.5" x 11" clear Docu-Sleeve (document holder) that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically.

Perfect affordable sign holder for any desktop need: use them on conference tables, banquet tables, reception areas.

This versatile stand comes with a two poles, each 1 foot length. Use both to extend to 2 feet, just one for 1 foot high, or none at all! Circular 8" diam. metal base is super-stable, and the flexible grip can accommodate the thickness of a DocU-Sleeve or any sign of your own up to 1/8" in thickness.

Recommended for indoor use.


** TIPS **

The floor stands are super convenient because they fold up like tent poles. Also, keep in mind these quick tips: 

  • If you need to move the sign stand, you'll have to move the base. If it you grab the pole, it will separate from the base.  This isn't that big a deal, but is a useful reminder.
  • While it's pretty easy these days to print out a sign, you can always put a clean sheet of paper in the DocU-Sleeve and write on the top with a dry-erase marker.
  • Using the sign's dry-erase feature…
    • folks can easily write messages to one another and then erase them once read.
    • Velcro a marker and/or eraser to the sign for easy messaging.

Convertible Desktop Sign Holder - extends up to 2 feet

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