Conflict Strategies Inventory Participant Workbook (5 pack)

Bound Workbook for Conflict Strategies Inventory (#RBCSIF). 1 per participant.

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The Conflict Strategies Inventory improves an individual's ability to successfully handle workplace conflict. Based on more than 35 years of research, this training tool explores five different strategies: Integrating, Compromising, Competing, Smoothing, and Avoiding. Most importantly, the Conflict Strategies Inventory accurately identifies one's typical reaction to conflict, examines the potential outcomes associated with each strategy, encourages the use of more effective tactics, and provides skill practice in resolving day-to-day issues.

Participant Workbook accompanies the Conflict Strategies Inventory Facilitator Guide (#RBCSIF) by HRDQ. 

NOTE:  Order 1 per participant.

The Conflict Strategies Inventory is based upon the well-known Blake and Mouton Styles Grid as well as the works of many other respected researchers in the field of conflict management. Packed with extensive interpretive information, hands-on activities, skill development, and action planning, this is a great way to equip individuals with the knowledge and insight they need to address conflict in any situation.

Learning Outcomes for the Conflict Strategies Inventory include:

  • Pinpoint one's preferred strategy for managing conflict
  • Discover the five different ways people respond to conflict
  • Understand how and when to utilize the Integrating strategy
  • Learn and practice when to use alternative strategies
  • Create a development plan to put the learning into action

With the Participant Workbook, the Conlict Strategies Inventory can be used as a stand-alone learning instrument, the centerpiece of a more comprehensive curriculum, or a tool to:

  • Develop new approaches and solutions
  • Tackle recurrent conflict issues
  • Inspire interest and creativity
  • Introduce conflict management skills to teams

NOTE: The self-assessment (sold separately) takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, and it is recommended to allow up to an hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and action planning. Participants are presented with ten common workplace situations, individuals identify a preference for one of five basic conflict strategies: Integrating, Avoiding, Smoothing, Competing, and Compromising. Scores reveal a personal Conflict Strategies Profile.

Conflict Strategies Inventory Participant Workbook (5 pack)

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