Kudos & Appreciation

Positive reinforcement and the "power of positive thinking" do wonders for effort and achievement! Recognition awards are a lovely way to commemorate an anniversary or special accomplishment, but employee rewards shouldn’t be limited to those one-off, annual celebrations. Make kudos and appreciation a daily habit with notes, tokens of appreciation, lapel pins, desktop squeeze toys, and other items that don’t break the bank, but send a playful happy message of acknowledgement. Because it’s the thought that counts most, small tokens can send a big message to let people know their thoughts, ideas, and contributions are noticed and appreciated.

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Numerous studies show that positive reinforcement works. For instance, "In a field experiment, informal recognition increased performance of workers in the manufacturing setting by 24%.” (Stajkovic and Luthans). To create a broader culture of appreciation, create your own “Appreciation Station,” chock full of notepads, toys, and tokens that colleagues can give one another. Encourage employees to give rewards to one another whenever they see a colleague help out a teammate, put company values into action, go above and beyond, make a thoughtful contribution, create a positive environment, go out on a limb, or take a risk.


Satisfaction with work is often a function of growth, acknowledgment, and camaraderie in the workplace. Beyond recognition awards and compensation, trainers and managers can enhance engagement by helping employees grow, develop new skills, and connect with each other in more meaningful ways. Trainers Warehouse tools and resources help facilitators and team leaders do just this. Utilizing games for learning, conversation prompts, or debriefing and review tools, trainers can help team members gain a new understanding of their work and colleagues. Find 100s of consultant-quality solutions at Trainers Warehouse. Shop with confidence, knowing they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.