Tangle Relax Therapy

The Perfect Stress Reliever!

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Tangle® Relax Therapy reduce stress naturally with this twistable rubberized Tangle with bumpy nodes.

The Tangle® Relax Therapy satisfies your fidgeting needs in a slightly smaller size than the original Tangle Therapy. It's a twisty, fun way to get stress relief. It's even recommended as a stop smoking aid.

Instead of doodling or fidgeting, use the Tangle Relax Therapy while you talk on the phone or listen to a conference call. Buy several and connect them to make a long wild Tangle snake. Touch it, twist it, turn it, and get hand and mind wellness.


  • SURFACE: Tactilely interesting bumps and grooves
  • SOUND: competely silent!
  • MATERIAL: firm plastic, covered in a soft, rubberized material
  • SIZE: include 20 interlocking arcs that each measure approximately 1" long

Tangle Relax is a therapeutic sensory toy with bumps, grooves, and soothing blue-green hues. Its versatile form makes it a delight to manipulate -- 20 interconnected twistable pieces made of ABS plastic covered with a soft rubberized material. Each section is a 90 degree curve that snaps apart from the whole.

Therapy Tangle has 20 interlocking arc-shaped pieces, each 1" long.

Our "fiddles" and fidgets may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes for using Fiddles in the Classroom!


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  • 5
    I would buy this product again because I have numerous times

    I love this tangle because of it's pleasing texture and because it is a quiet fidget.

  • 5
    Tangle, Tangle, Tangle !!!

    My mother-in-law is currently residing in a nursing home. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's Disease, and constantly fidgets with her sheets, clothes etc. Tangle Relax Therapy was the solution !!! Her face lights up the minute I give it to her !! No more fidgeting with anything but Tangle Relax Therapy....THANK YOU TRAINERS WAREHOUSE !!!