Monster Bendables (24/set)

Let this mini-set of cute little monsters inspire your students to remember what they learned!

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What do you do with these cute MONSTERS? Anything that helps learners remember what they learned!

Give one to each student at the start of training as a fidget toy. They're wonderfully bendable and provide mindless fun for learners who need to do something with their hands while listening or working.


A fun Processing tool! When training is done, give one to each participant. Ask each person to find the perfect mnemonic name for their monster that represents what they want to remember from your training session.

  • PETE: Patience, Energy, Try again, Excellence
  • GIMPO: Goals, Impressions, Money, Productivity, Objectives
  • NIBOT: Never Issue Both Orders Together

Sold as a set of 24 monsters, 6 each of 4 different styles, shown above. Each little guy is approx. 4" high.

Please Note:
*They do not stand on their own --try using a bit of putty if you want to display them afterwards.

Monster Bendables (24/set)

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