Deluxe Fiddle Set (24/stress toys set)

Fabulous collection of 24 all-time favorite fiddles!

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Deluxe Collection of 24 Fidget Toys!

Our fidgets and "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

This pre-selected collection of 24 kinesthetic learning tools has been specially tested and selected mindless "fiddlebility."

Actual items may vary from image above.

Comes in its own plastic storage box, measuring 13.5" x 8" x 6". Total weight: under 4 lbs.

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    Works every time!


  • 5
    Box o'fun!

    Can't wait to use these items - tax accounting is a fairly dry subject, so if we can let our staff have some fun, we're all for it!

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    Best purchase of the year!

    We use these during all meetings, trainings, and events. We discuss their use as nothing more than a way to re-focus when minds start to wander and ask folks to pick up one of the toys instead of glancing at their cell phones. It works like a charm and we consistently get feedback that they appreciate and find helpful all of the toys. Having a variety available seems to be key - every person gravitates toward a different type of toy for a multitude of reasons.

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    Fabulous set!

    Great for ADD kids!

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    What I was looking for

    They will be a great addition to my training classroom!

  • 5
    Great engagement tool

    Used products to keep staff engaged and attentive during the heavier presentations and after lunch.

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    Great Group Gift

    We ordered multiple batches of fiddles and distributed them, along with the research we had gathered on the science of fidgeting, to all of our employees. We're getting great feedback! The items are varied enough to suit all of our different types of fidgeters and reasonably priced. If even a few of our employees absorbs more information, or a couple of supervisors learn that fidgeting doesn't mean the employees aren't paying attention, it will be more than worth the cost!

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    Great set of Fiddle Sticks

    This is a great set of fiddle sticks. After playing a game with my group, I let them choose one item. They loved choosing. Then I let all the items stay on the tables for everyone to use.

  • 5
    Excellent tool

    I use the materials as fidgets and as props for ice breakers and group building activities. It keeps anxious participants calm and my easily distracted participants focused. They are able to channel their nervous energy with the fiddles and keeps them focused on the training (during discussion sections or when sessions have prolonged lecture time.)