Chill Pill Stress Relief Squeeze Toy

Redirect all that pent-up stress, and get a smile!

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Don't let stress get the better of you or your students! The foam Chill Pill Stress Toy is a perfect reminder to relax and take a deep breath.

Sometimes just acknowledging stress or talking about its sources helps alleviate the stress. Other times, giving a stress ball a good squeeze can feel therapeutic.

Keep a stress toy on your desk for instant stress relief. Share it with students and colleagues when it's their time to "chill out." Channel nervous energy and pent-up emotions into squeezing, instead of screaming.

The Chill Pill foam stress toy measures 4-1/2" x 1-5/8" and is guaranteed to get a smile.

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    met need of patient with paralyzed hand

    purchased for relative who has partial paralysis on one side. had been given 2 of a similar but bit less squishy item years ago to keep fingers from totally curling into palm. those wore out and this was only item and place i could find that would adequately replace them and allow continuity for the relative. probably should have purchased more than the 3.

  • 5
    Buying more! Well received!

    Everyone's stressed and it's a good reminder to "Chill"

  • 5
    My dad borrowed one to strengthen his hands. :-)

    I will be handing out Chill Pills in class to reduce test anxiety. Many of my students who have something to hold on to stay calmer.

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    Chill pill

    Excellent stress ball. I used it as part of a medicine themed gift. Love the size and the softness. Definable recommends it for others.

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    Chill Pill will keep temperatures down!

    People can relate to this product as a "think tool" and de-stress assistant. I like the fact that it can be washed. The size is larger enough to make the point and soft enough to squeeze effortlessly. I think the chill pill for use in EQ topics is a winner!