Mini-Doodle Pads (25 pads/set)

Encourage productive doodling!

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Don't worry . . . doodling is GOOD for the brain!

A recent study* on doodling showed that the doodlers actually retained more information than the non-doodlers. To get the most out of your learners, put a pen and doodle pad in front of them and don't misinterpret doodling for daydreaming!

The Doodle Pad is specially designed with circles, squares, geometric shapes and letters that are great "fill-'er-ins" as well as other interestingly-shaped lines perfect for doodlers who like to trace and embellish. 25 pads/set. Each 4.25" X 5.5" pad has 25 sheets.

Volume discounts available. Unit Prices shown refer to 1 pack of 25 pads.

*Study by Jackie Andrade, Applied Cognitive Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK, Feb 2009. With a group of 40 people, she tested the impact of doodling on concentration and memory. Participants were asked to listen to a boring telephone message with names of people as well as some irrelevant information. The doodling group was given paper with shapes - alternating rows of squares and circles - and the control group was given lined paper. The doodlers doodled, the control group didn't. In the end, the doodlers were found to have 29% better recall of the names than the non-doodlers.