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The perfect way to set a serious tone for learning!

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Ask not for whom the bell chimes. It chimes for thee! Only now it sounds better, carries further, and charms your learners back from the hallways to the classroom with CLASS!

Our three-tone chime is great for larger groups. Its deep, loud tones will get the attention of groups lingering in the hallway or breakout rooms, milling about the classroom, or working on group projects.

The tones are 3 separate and distinct sounds. Please see and listen to the video to hear the tones.

Weighs under 2 lbs., Wood and metal construction. 9" x 5.5" x 2.5". Includes mallet.

To view demo, click below!

View video for great ideas on how to use CHIMES in meetings!


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    Audience (and Speaker) loved the Meeting Chime!

    Pleasant, professional way for the host/leader to attract meeting participants back to the meeting/seminar. Also, a respectful way to get their attention. Note: The guest speaker enjoyed using it, too, during his presentation!

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    You MUST buy this!

    Yes, it's expensive, but this is the best money I ever spent. Every time I use it, all of the other professional facilitators want to know where I bought it. This is very solidly constructed and still works perfectly after several years of use. Once you've used the meeting chimes, you will wonder how you ever did a workshop or seminar without them.

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    Great for Large Ballrooms

    Worked really well in a large ball-room setting with a 200 person conference. You could hear it above all the talking during breaks. Pleasant sounding tones, although the highest note is a little flat. May be able to "tune it" by adjusting the screws holding that chime down. Hotel wanted to know where I got it so they could order some of their own.

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    A polite way to round up the troops!

    At some point, most training professionals will end up in a situation where at least some of the attendees outrank the trainer. This often occurs at planning sessions or all-staff meetings, where trainers coordinate or facilitate the event. For experienced trainers this is usually not an issue, but some may find it awkward to ask senior managers to return to the meeting room after a break. This finely-tuned instrument sounds a polite tone that may be used to signal when large meetings begin and/or resume. Similar items are often used in theatres and performance halls, so the overall effect is rather soothing and upscale. I've used this item in both small lobbies and large mezzanines. The user is able to control the volume by controlling how hard a blow is made to the chimes with the included mallet. Possibly the only drawback you'll find is that everyone wants to play with it; the tone becomes a much less effective signal if it is overused!

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    Makes my heart sing!

    We tried a less expensive set of "meeting chimes" but the tone of that instrument would make your teeth curl. This elegant set of chimes grabs the attention in a way that is energizing -- not irritating. We can't wait to use it (next week) to begin teaching our members that our educational sessions will start ON TIME and they'd better take their seats!

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    I have a new toy!

    great item.