Set of 30 Reusable SMALL Tent Cards, plus Markers, Mini-Erasers in Tote Bag

Stack and store space-saver dry-erase tent cards

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Save time printing formal name cards. Instead, ask participants to write their names on the Space Saver Reusable Name Cards -- 2-sided, dry-erasable, name tents. The tents make your life easier and increase participant's comfort because they can write in a nickname, and be called by the name they prefer! Molded construction makes stacking and storage easier than ever. Use them again and again with dry-erase markers.

Enjoy so many benefits to Reusable Dry-Erase Name Tents:

  • Save time
  • Re-use tents
  • Write on nicknames
  • See names from the front and back of the room
  • Easy stacking and storage

These two-sided molded plastic whiteboard tents let you see names from the front or the back of the room.

Set Contains:

  • 30 small tent cards (3" H x 8.75" L x 2" D)
  • 15 mini erasers (2.5" x 1.25" x .65")
  • 15 black dry erase markers
  • 1 see-through vinyl tote bag to carry it all (12" H x 12" W x 6" D)

Also available as a set of 24 in a larger size (4" H x 11") -- See #TCLSET

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** TIPS **

Reusable Name Tents don't just save you from printing and folding paper cards, they allow users to write in nick names, answer questions, or even share a favorite quote. They're great for:

  • Executive session name plates – save meeting participants the embarrassment of forgetting a name.  Encourage them to write their nickname on the name tent.
  • Icebreaker activities – Instead of just a name or nickname, ask meeting or training participants to draw an icon that represents something important to them. Or, have them share a favorite quote. Even ask them to write down a goal for the day.
  • Table signage – No time print out signage? Write something out on a write-on / wipe-off table sign.


Set of 30 Reusable SMALL Tent Cards, plus Markers, Mini-Erasers in Tote Bag

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