Set of 24 Reusable Tent Cards, plus Markers, Mini-Erasers in Tote Bag

Equip learning centers with reusable tents, markers & eraser

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Save time and money with reusable name tents! The Set of 24 Reusable Tent Cards, plus Markers, Mini-Erasers in Tote Bag make distribution and storage of your tents super easy. Set includes: 

  • 24 Reusable WHITE Name Tents (4" H x 11" L x 3"D )
  • 12 Mini-erasers (2.5" x 1.25" x .65")
  • 12 black dry-erase markers
  • 1 see-through vinyl tote* to carry it all! (12" H x 12" W x 6" D)

Enjoy so many benefits to Reusable Dry-Erase Name Tents:

  • Save time
  • Re-use tents
  • Write on nicknames - and increase participants' comfort
  • See names from the front and back of the room
  • Easy stacking and storage

These high-quality, two-sided 4" H x 11" L x 3"D molded plastic whiteboard tents let you see names from the front or the back of the room. Molded construction makes stacking and storage easier than ever. Use them again and again with any dry-erase markers. They clean up instantly and completely!

*The Tote bag is printed on the front with this text:

"This bag is not a toy. Putting it over your head could cause suffocation, which would really ruin your day. Better to put all your great stuff in it so that people look at you with envy as you walk by, wondering both where you got all your things and where you got your awesome see-through bag, to which you can reply, "You can get one, too, at Trainers Warehouse or Office Oxygen, and they're a 'baahgin.' That's New England-speak for 'bargain'." And by the way, it's true that objects in the side view mirror are closer than they appear, but the wonderful items in your beautiful, clear bag really are just as they appear!"


** TIPS **

Reusable Name Tents don't just save you from printing and folding paper cards, they allow users to write in nick names, answer questions, or even share a favorite quote. They're great for:

  • Executive session name plates – save meeting participants the embarrassment of forgetting a name.  Encourage them to write their nickname on the name tent.
  • Icebreaker activities – Instead of just a name or nickname, ask meeting or training participants to draw an icon that represents something important to them. Or, have them share a favorite quote. Even ask them to write down a goal for the day.
  • Table signage – No time print out signage? Write something out on a write-on / wipe-off table sign.


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  • 5
    I highly reccommend this product!

    Posted by CB on Feb 26th 2020

    High quality! Reusable and a sleek look. Exactly what we needed!

  • 5
    This product was a BIG hit at a large meeting

    Posted by Secretary on Jan 28th 2020

    Everyone at the conference loved using the reusable table tents. No more wasting paper. Worked wonderfully.

  • 5
    I would purchase again

    Posted by Cathy on Jan 14th 2020

    We purchased this for our corporate networking meetings we have annually.

  • 5
    I will be buying more of these!!

    Posted by Alejandra on Mar 22nd 2019

    Great for New Hire Orientations and putting names to

  • 5
    These are great!!

    Posted by Emily on Dec 3rd 2018

    Happy with this purchase!

  • 5
    Reusable Tent Cards

    Posted by N. on Nov 19th 2018

    Learning events.

  • 5
    Head table must have...

    Posted by Kiwanian on Oct 8th 2018

    These are so popular you have to be careful folks don't walk off with them.

  • 5
    Nice to Have reusable and LARGE dry erase Name Tents

    Posted by Sam Slay, Speaker - Leadership Trainer on Jul 13th 2017

    These dry erase name tenets were perfect for my use. I saw this used at another seminar and thought...WOW I need a fact I decided to buy two sets, with carrying case. They come with miniature erasers and markers. I used them today ad they were perfect. Sam Slay

  • 5
    This product is excellent.

    Posted by Laura on Apr 19th 2017

    This helps in using participates names and creating connections with all.