How to Rob A Bank

Project Planning with a twist!

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In this super fun, highly-unusual team development training game, groups are challenged to use all their project planning and teamwork skills to successfully plan to rob a bank! One of the advantages of team building games is to draw people out of their day-to-day realities and explore their team dynamics in a completely different simulation. Well, you can't get more "different" than a bank heist!


  • Allow teams to plan a fun and unusual project (which they'd never do in real life!)
  • Sort out staffing issues (human resources)
  • Organize necessary resources (equipment and inventory planning)
  • Plan a schedule (organization and time management)
  • Cost the whole project and calculate ROI 
  • Carry out risk assessment


You'll cover all aspects of project planning in this playful and stimulating activity. Teams must mastermind a bank robbery, recruit the appropriate staff, purchase the right equipment and make sure it all arrives on time.

At the start of the activity teams have already commissioned research on three likely banks. Armed with a diary, teams decide on which bank to go for and then plan their heist. They have already recruited a getaway driver, but they need a base from which to work from and to practice with the equipment before the robbery. A certain Mr. Big will bankroll the project but he'll want his money back plus a cut of the loot. So, teams have to calculate all the costs and come up with a profitable, viable plan. Obviously there are risks and these need to be identified, assessed, and mitigated.

Faced with a rather unscrupulous looking set of mugshots, teams must pick the three robbers who will carry out the robbery itself. They also need to employ a 'fence' to get rid of the loot and launder the proceeds. And finally, they need to work out how the money will be distributed once all costs have been taken into account, remembering that there is no honour among thieves.

Teams have a Planning Sheet enabling them to identify the main parts of the plan: General outline; Start dates; Working capital; Payouts; Profit; Risk Analysis; Single major concern.

Teams work on presentations to a local anonymous specialist (the Trainer!) who will decide if their plan is viable or not.


  • 3-24 (up to 4 teams of 3-6 per team)


  • 1.25 hours + debrief


  • Introduce the activity with the PowerPoint or verbally.
  • Divide the group into teams. Issue each team with a How to Rob a Bank folder. The folder gives all the necessary details that teams need in order to begin their planning.
  • Observe teams at work and make notes for the Debrief. Have they understood the instructions; have they begun work on a schedule? Is someone doing the costings? Are they working well as an integrated team? Are they on schedule?
  • If appropriate, allow teams time to prepare a flipchart presentation of their planning.
  • Hear the presentations and check their Planning Sheets.
  • Conduct the Debrief. Ask teams to review how they worked together and what the key lessons they learned were.
  • Summarize the learning and relate to the key stages of project planning.


  • Trainer's Notes
  • Team Folders with information on:
    • Target Banks
    • Vital Information
    • Finance
    • Staffing
    • Diary Planner
    • Summary of Plan
  • PowerPoint
  • Handout: Key Points for Planning a Project
  • Handout: Effective Teams

This activity is for face-to-face classroom use. It is supplied as a hard copy pack and the digital files are supplied via the Northgate Trainerhub.

This Northgate training activity comes with a five-year licence for repeat use with up to 24 participants per training session within the license-holding organization.

How to Rob A Bank

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