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Just the stickers for Scratch 'n See cards. Order 100, 500 or 1000!

Use Scratch 'n See Stickers in class to form teams, reinforce learning, reward punctuality, or motivate participation. Just type your winning prizes, numbers, or group names into a template, print onto yellow perforated sheets (not included with this product), adhere the scratch-off stickers, and snap them apart.

NOTE: Color and shape of scratch stickers may vary.

To order Scratch 'n See Package (cards and stickers, check out #GASNSC.)

Download FREE Template!  This Microsoft Word template can be used to customize your own Scratch 'n See Cards. No extra software needed. FREE card template


** TIPS ** 

Scratch off stickers aren't just for prizes!  Use them in these clever ways:

Getting to know each other – make a list of unique qualities of each person on your team. Beside the characteristic, write a name (small enough that you can cover it up with a scratch sticker).  Have people guess who's who, then scratch off to see if they got it right.

Create a super fun, interactive quiz – develop a worksheet of questions or problems.  Beside each question, write the answer then cover it up with a scratch sticker. After someone's tried their hardest to come up with the right answer, they can scratch off and see how they did.

Add privacy to grades – after marking grades with a your big red pen, cover them up with a scratch sticker so that learners can privately learn how well they performed.

Let everyone "win" – Give one ticket to EACH participants at the beginning of the session. Following game
play, award winning players additional tickets.

Exceptional participation – ditribute an extra ticket to anyone who offers an insightful question or comment. Then have final drawings at the close of the session.

Award “return-from-break” prizes – To encourages timely return from breaks, distribute a chance-to-win ticket to each participant who arrives back on time. 

Scratch 'n See Stickers

$8.00 - $66.00
Adding to cart… The item has been added