Teambuilding In a Box

A Completely New (and Fun) Way to a Better Team!

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With so many different personalities on your team, odds are you have some conflict within your team. Anytime you put a diverse group of people together, frustration is inevitable.

Team Building In-a-Box is a new spin on a communication styles workshop. It's designed so that leaders like you can easily guide your team through the activities to discover each person's communications style. Everything you need comes in the kit.

We all will have communication style clashes with those we work with from time to time. Good news! Frustrations based on different communication styles is a problem that can be resolved. The key is that teams need opportunities to talk about how they want to work together. They need a way to express what they want/need from the team and to learn how to better communicate with each other. Team Building In-A-Box is a fun, easy and affordable solution to help your team address communication challenges.

How You and Your Team Will Benefit

  • Learn what behaviors motivate and frustrate each of your team members.
  • Identify specific ways you can adjust your approach to get better results with each team member.
  • Gain appreciation for each member's communication style and the value of a diverse team.
  • Recognize areas in which the team is strong as well as any areas that may need attention.
  • Make plans & commitments for how to improve team communication.

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Encourages Dialogue

The workshop is designed to get everyone's participation. It's fun and interactive. Thought-provoking questions are provided for each segment of the activity.


Easy and Self Guided

The kit includes a team leader's guide that explains step-by-step how to facilitate the workshop. The workshop itself can be done in two hours. Perfect for bringing in a lunch or an extended team meeting.


Here's How It Works

  • Team members self-assess themselves using colorful cards, worksheets and dot stickers.
  • Team members learn about the four communication styles
  • Team members chart themselves and share their communication needs and preferences.
  • Team has in-depth discussions on each other's styles and how those impacted past interactions.
  • Afterwards, hang workshop poster on the wall as a reminder of the different styles.


It Takes All Types!

This workshop is built on the DISC model. There are four basic communication styles – and we each are a blend of all of them – yet we usually have one style that is dominant for us. Each style brings a different strength to the team.

  • Dominant Directors are good at moving the team forward to goals, they are decisive and goal oriented.
  • Interactive Socializers bring energy and excitement to team work, they are creative and future focused.
  • Supportive Empathizers bring balance and stability to the team, they make sure nothing and no one slips through the cracks.
  • Cautious Thinkers are good at analyzing information and ideas, they ensure the group is making smart decisions based on research and data.

Teams need all of these styles to have balance. Yet these different styles can clash and lead to frustration. Understanding these styles is the key to better team relationships.


You'll get everything you need to guide a team of 10 people through this workshop. (If you have more than 10 people, just get an extension pack.(Order #GAMTBBR)

  • Leader's Guide – detailed, full color guide to walk you through the process
  • Poster – full color poster used as a game mat during the session, then you can hang it up later. Measures 17" x 24".
  • Worksheets – full color worksheets for each team member
  • Playing cards – to help identify each person's communication preference
  • Meeples – wooden game pieces that can be personalized
  • Dot stickers, double-sided tape and a permanent pen