Community Puzzle - Individually Boxed

Build community one piece at a time!

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Build community one piece at a time!

Break the ice and build community spirit! Hand out one puzzle to each group of participants, and ask them to illustrate their puzzle piece(s) with images that represent their company, role, values, challenges, or anything else. Creativity and pride will blossom when everyone sees how their piece contributes to the whole. 48-piece puzzle includes 24 edges and 24 inside puzzle pieces; measures 18.75” x 26.5”, but can be expanded infinitely.

Please note the following piece sizes:
Center pieces are 3.8125” x 3.8125”
Border pieces are 3.8125” x 1.8125”
Corner pieces measure 1.8125” x 1.8125”

Each puzzle comes packed like a jigsaw puzzle in a box, disassembled, along with page of facilitation notes.

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These puzzles are also sold in bulk packages of 10. See #GACJPB.

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    I love it!

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    Easy to use, fun and adaptive

    Excellent instructions and creative ideas for use in multiple ways. Includes a sheet of paper to test markers on so you can be sure markers will work and not run or bleed.

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    The Idea was Wonderful

    It was not available in time frame I needed it so I made my own puzzle created for setting year goals for a small real estate office. My pieces were bigger and crudely made but process of having my 4 agents commit to single goal a month for 2011 and then have to put puzzle together gave me tremendous insight to them and some have been with me almost 20 years! Fantastic idea:)