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Response Boards

Encourage participation with dry-erase Quick Response Answer Boards that let every individual write an answer, cast a vote, ask a question, or share an opinion. With Whiteboard Answer Boards, speed doesn't matter! Give all students time to process and answer your questions! Don't forget . . . when asking a question, extend the wait time to 5 seconds or more to give everyone time to answer and improve the quality of responses. “Calling on the first hands to go up signals the slower retrievers to stop the retrieval process.” Mary Budd Rowe 1974

  • Quick Response Whiteboard Hanging Rack

    Hanging Rack for Quick Response Whiteboards

    Just the rack! Whiteboards not included. Your tidy room will be the envy of all! The Whiteboard Hanging Rack is a neat way to keep your classroom tidy and your whiteboards safe and close at hand. The rack was specially designed to hold Trainers Warehouse...


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  • MarkERASER w/ Velcro® Strip

    Dry Erase Marker w/ Velcro® strip

    Markers with built-in erasers! Distribute one of these inexpensive dry-erase whiteboard markers to everyone. Keep them attached to your whiteboard with VELCRO® brand loops -- which double as a whiteboard eraser!


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