30 BLUE Quick Response Whiteboards w/ bag & erasers

Keep participants engaged by soliciting their input and responses.

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This handy combo provides 30 handheld whiteboards, with BLUE handles and 30 mini-erasers.

Keep participants engaged in learning by frequently soliciting their input and responses. See how each learner is retaining and applying your lessons.

These nifty dry-erase, TWO-sided whiteboards (5.9" x 7.75") are great for:·

  • Conducting icebreaker activities
  • Casting votes
  • Answering questions
  • Rating or ranking items
  • Sharing game answers

Each mini eraser is 2.5" x 1.25" x .65"

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This combo package comes with:

  • 30 whiteboards with blue handles
  • 30 mini-erasers


Each felted mini-eraser is 2.5" x 1.25" x .65", and works great with dry-erase markers.

NOTE: The product previously sold with a Hanging Rack (#WBON) which is now discontinued, and now is packaged in a clear bag.  

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    I love this product!!!

    I use this during my training sessions in many ways. First, as a name plate for seating assignments and I draw their names with funny faces. Second, I use this as a tool to engage them in the class. If they have a question they raise their paddle, I will ask them questions (as a group) and they write down the answer and show me. I don't point out wrong answers but it helps me know what I may need to circle back on. Third, I ask them to write down their ideas as I am talking and then I give time in between to go over them.

  • 4
    Great tool for in class participation!

    Just used these for a few instructor led courses in a manufacturing environment. Typically I have the same people participating in Q&A/review questions but this gets everyone involved which is great. I used Velcro strips to attach the erasers and markers to the boards for ease of use, I wish they came as pre-made attachments!

  • 5
    Top-Notch Customer Service

    Excellent product -- high quality.