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DocU-Sleeves & Signs

Print a sign or certificate on any ol' paper and slide it into a Trainers Warehouse signature DocU-Sleeve for an instant laminated look!  DocU-Sleeve -- a.k.a. thin plastic thing, DocU-Pocket, Qube frame, Top Loader, sheet protector and whatever-you-call-em -- is a Trainers Warehouse signage solution for protecting and posting signage that is quick, easy, and affordable! Use DocU-Sleeves for welcome messages, reminders, job aides, photos, and hundreds of other uses.  EXPLORE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT DOCU-SLEEVES

  • Daily Mood Indicator

    Daily Mood Indicator

    If you're having a lousy day, let your office-mates know before you chew off their heads and make them think it's their fault. And if you're having a good day, spread the positive energy! The Mood indicator has 47 moods to choose from that will help you...


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  • Deskmate Student Edition-Thumbnail

    Deskmate Student Edition

    DeskMate Student says it, so you don't have to! Learning from home is hard enough. We know how your students feel when they're trying hard to focus on school or homework, and people keep bugging them. They're noisy or nosy, or both! They come...


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  • 22 x 28 DocU-Sleeve -- in use with posters sliding in

    DocU-Sleeves, 22 x 28 Poster Sleeve

    Great for framing posters. 22" X 28" DocU-Sleeves are heavy-duty plastic frame. Choose your backing and hang it anywhere--wall, cabinet, warehouse, you name it! Please note: Due to shipping constraints, there is a 5-unit minimum order for this product...


  • 27 x 34 DocU-Sleeve for Posters

    DocU-Sleeves, 27 x 34 Poster Sleeve

    Protect your easel page art work or posters in heavy-weight plastic frame 27" x 34" DocU-Sleeves. While the plastic is firm-not-flimsy, the large poster size -d sheet protector will bend more than the 8.5x11 size, shown in the image. [NOTE: Due to...


  • EasyOpen SnapFrame

    EasyOpen SnapFrame

    It's so easy to swap sheets in and out with the Swap-Frame (a.k.a. EasyOpen SnapFrame) that you can easily update it with a new recognition sheet-monthly, weekly, even daily! Make your employees and team members feel valued! This office sign is sized...


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  • Think Board Kit, with writing

    Think Board Square 30" x 30"

    Turn any surface into a dry-erase board!Upgrade your boring, ordinary walls and desks into a innovative thinking space that encourages creativity, collaboration, idea generation, and more. The possibilities are endless!Think Board™ is a clear,...


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  • Velcro Hooks 'n Loops

    Velcro® Hooks 'n Loops

    VELCRO® Hook and Loop fasteners are indispensable for all sorts of reasons. Trainers Warehouse makes great use of peel-and-stick VELCRO to hang DocU-Sleeves. The HOOK/LOOP combos are most versatile because the HOOKS can used on fabric walls. However...


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  • VELCRO Hooks; two strips with peel-off back

    Velcro® Hooks (2x)

    VELCRO® Hook fasteners are indispensible for all sorts of reasons. Trainers Warehouse makes great use of them to hang DocU-Sleeves on fabric walls or panels. If you need a few extra pieces of VELCRO®, ready to peel and stick, these small pieces...


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  • Wizard Wall refill roll, 28 System;  white

    Wizard Wall refill roll 28 System white

    Wizard Wall refill roll for 28 System white (#EAWIZW25). If you've already got the 28 System box and cutter, purchase this refill roll. Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere.Turn any indoor surface into an INSTANT EASEL or use as a REPOSITIONABLE WHITEBOARD...


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  • Write Way Rectangle, in lobby

    Write Way Rectangle

    With this dual-sided, magnetic, dry-erase board, it's easy to capture people's attention and get them going in the right direction. Write Way™ sign breaks down into three components for easy storage. Rectangle Writing area: 22" H x 14" W Overall...


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