DocU-Sleeves & Signs

Preserve office announcements, protect employee certifications, and give that sleek, laminated look to a host of workplace signage with our collection of high-quality doc sleeves and accessories. DocU-Sleeve top loaders are a quick, easy, and affordable signage solution from Trainers Warehouse that everyone could use! Explore our collection of document protector sleeves below.


Whether you’re posting public announcements or rewarding employees for their spectacular accomplishments, the last thing you want is for your hard work to be wrinkled, torn, or tossed in a bag. You need Trainers Warehouse DocU-Sleeves--high-quality sign sleeves similar to laminated solutions, only better!

  • Hang 'em anywhere: Post the lightweight doc sleeves anywhere with magnets or VELCRO®, gentle adhesive backings that don't damage walls!
  • Swap signs in and out: Whatever you call them -- document protector sleeves, docu-pockets, top loaders, sheet protectors, or those-thin-plastic things -- it's so easy to update signage. Just print out your updated document and slide it in!
  • Sturdy, not flimsy: If you're short on wall space, document protector sleeves stand tall in Trainers Warehouse floor stands and table stands too.


Finding the perfect source for training tools, learning materials, and office accessories can be difficult. Fortunately, Trainers Warehouse is here to meet all of your needs!

Established in 1990, we’re a family-owned business dedicated to offering you an extensive selection of innovative, effective, and fun tools to be a better trainer and teacher. No matter what topic you teach or the age of your students, we have you covered. And, we guarantee satisfaction. Period!

In addition to our doc sleeves, you can find a wide range of one-of-a-kind teaching tools from game show buzzers and icebreaker games, to team building activities, fidget toys, debriefing tools, memory joggers, conversation starter Thumballs, reusable name tents, answer boards, and more!

If you’re ready to become more effective and “be the teacher they remember,” buy now or contact us. We’d love to chat about your favorite tools and learn how we can best support you!