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Load the UNZiP-IT Pocket with your favorite prompts and start talking!

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UNZIP-it and start talking! Pop a bunch of conversation prompts into the UNZiP-IT! Pocket and start having meaningful conversations. 

Forget "small talk" and have some "big talk"! Help your group open up and talk about the unspeakable! Pass the pouch from player to player. Unzip the playful pocket and pull out a discussion topic to spark conversation and build relationships. Invite recipients to pull out a topic, read it to the group and respond.

The inscription on the back says it all:

Feeling shy about speaking out?
Or, not sure what to talk about?
It's easy now to start the flow,

And have discussions bloom and grow.
Unzip the pouch and pick a topic,
Big and broad, or microscopic,
A prompt that doesn`t dig too deep,
Or one that makes you take a leap.
Go ahead, reach in and pick it,
Read the prompt and then UNZIP-it!

Stuff the pocket with UNZiP-IT prompts or cards from your favorite conversation deck.