Energize Your Audience

75 Quick Activities that Get Them Started

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Energize Your Audience, by Lorranie L. Ukens, offers 75 QUICK energizers and icebreakers  designed to jumpstart your group when time is limited.

Choose from the 75 hands-on activities in this book to:

  • Raise the comfort level of your participants
  • Jumpstart a training session
  • Energize a presentation
  • Stimulate group discussion

While there are tons of books containing icebreakers and energizers, many of the activities are too involved for the limited time available. This book solves that problem.

"Energize Your Audience! is a treasure trove of energizing, creative, and easy-to-facilitate activities. Guaranteed to delight, motivate, and engage any training group, this collection is a 'must-have' on every trainer's bookshelf."

-Karen Lawson, CSP, Lawson Consulting Group, Inc.

All of these exercises are reproducible and can be easily facilitated in 15 minutes or less, leaving most of your valuable time to focus on the topic of the training session. Keep your participants alert and actively engaged in the learning process with the help of this invaluable resource!

Paperback, 209 pages.