Play: The New Leadership Secret

It's time to start taking play seriously!

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In Play: The New Leadership Secret, author Russ Johnson" says It's time to start taking play seriously."

Welcome to the play revolution. If you want to learn how to become a leader that inspires transformational change in your company, then you need to add a little play to your business culture.

PLAY: The New Leadership Secret That Changes Everything will teach you how to create a culture of fun, so that you can get more done! Discover the emerging research on play and how it is taking companies from zero to hero in a few short months.

Businesses need to transition from the 'get off my lawn' mentality, to a new kind of thinking that is producing incredible collaborative teams that power new forms of revenue for their companies. In this book you will discover:

  • The surprising truth of productive play
  • How to play the King Atys way
  • Everything about play structures and becoming a playground architect
  • How to influence and connect with people through play and humor
  • How to improve employee and customer relationships with play
  • How to be happier through productive play

PLAY is an honest lesson in the art and science of becoming a fun leader, and leading your company to improved productivity, increased happiness and greater returns.

Paperback, 157 pages.

"PLAY is a well thought-out and well-researched book on an important topic that can help companies thrive. The book synthesizes loads of research and bundles it up into an easily accessible package. It's a wonderful read for both those looking to gain buy-in from others in their organization and those wishing to implement play into their workplace."   Susan Landay, President - Trainers Warehouse